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The Arena.

It wouldn't hurt to go a few rounds at the arena to sharpen your skills before your next mission.

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Arena is a battle arena in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is located in Akademeia and can be accessed from the Fountain Square. The arena is damaged in the attack by Militesi Empire, as the cadets fight Qun'mi Tru'e there, but it is restored by Chapter 2, and accessible after the Operation Reconquista mission. While Class Zero is stationed outside of Akademeia, Moglin offers arena combat simulation, but the secret training feature is unusable.

The Sorcery Division of Akademeia makes the fog used in the arena to get the cadets acclimated to different weather conditions, and produces the mock fighters used in the combat simulations. It is implied the mock opponents are made of phantoma the Sorcery secretly collects. There is a relic terminal at the arena. The arena becomes inaccessible in Chapter 8.

Battle Modes[]

Combat Simulation[]

Rem fighting in the arena.

  • Only one squad member may participate at a time.
  • Participants will earn both EXP and phantoma.
  • Select "Abort Mission" from the field menu or exit the arena to end the session.
  • The session will automatically end when the participant falls in combat, but s/he will retain all EXP and phantoma earned.
    • Note: Participants are responsible for providing their own items and equipment.

In the "combat simulation" mode the cadet faces an endless stream of enemies they must defeat, in groups composed of two Imperial Troopers and a Supersoldier. It is not possible to get a Game Over here, as losing only takes one back to the arena grounds. The enemies begin at one level above that of the participating cadet at the start of the simulation, and increase by one each time the cadet chooses to continue after a wave of sixty enemies. Their levels can surpass 99. There is a healing circle the player can use to replenish HP, MP, and AG.

Secret Training[]

Gaining EXP from the secret training.

  • Only one squad member can participate at a time.
  • Participants cannot choose their instructors.
  • Longer training allows participants to fight more times, but there is a limit on how many times one can train each session.

Selecting secret training prompts the player to save the game and return to the title screen. While the game is off the cadet will gain EXP. The longer the time before loading the save again, the more EXP the cadet gains, but 24 hours is the limit.


Because secret training uses the console's internal clock to determine the amount of EXP given to the cadet, players can manipulate the clock to earn effortless levels. The player can manually advance the date and time on their PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One system to trick the system to extend the breaks, resulting the character earning a large amount of EXP.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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