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Ardashir Balyk is a character from Final Fantasy XIV who appears in the Anima Weapon quests.


The son of a Near Eastern Hyuran merchant in Radz-at-Han, Ardashir traveled with his father so as to learn the family business. His life would change, however, upon his first journey to Limsa Lominsa. There, he spied arcanists at Mealvaan's Gate, and was entranced by their Carbuncles. Upon returning home, Ardashir began to study arcanima, only to discover he had no talent for sorcery, and could not perform even the most basic summoning. He did not give up, however, and instead set out to create an arcane entity that did not rely on the wielder's magic. Ignoring his father's protests, the Far Eastern Hyuran became the apprentice of a famous alchemist, and has been conducting research on anima since. This is what leads him to first meet the Warrior of Light and assist in the process of creating their personal Anima Weapon.



Adashir is a male midlander hyur. He has long black hair worn in a ponytail with bangs. He is seventeen years old, and thus is shorter than it is possible to make a male midlander player character, to indicate his youth. He wears a light grey justaucorps, black trousers, dark brown high-heeled boots, and a pair of earrings.


Precocious and intelligent, Ardashir butts heads frequently with the older but less technically-minded Gerolt through the process of creating the Anima Weapon. Despite being prickly with strangers, he is still youthfully curious and is quick to get caught up in the excitement of a new discovery. The lad is in the habit of jotting down his findings in his journal, wherein he also vents his daily frustrations.


Ardashir was the name of the emperor and the founder of the Sasanian Empire (part of modern day Iran) from 224–242 AD.