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Archive Highlights are 10 photo ops the player can unlock by completing Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto to find them on repeat playthroughs. The player may need to rotate the camera for the option to take a photo to appear. The highlights are saved to a gallery in the menu. Some highlights only appear when Aranea Highwind is in the party.

Highlight Where to find Image
Oh, My Ebony
First Ebony vending machine "save point". Missable. Oh-my-Ebony-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
Leap of Faith
The big jump down the slalom while riding the snowmobile. Leap-of-Faith-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
My Furry Friend
Southwest section of the map, near the weapons shack, next to the lake, a Garula will appear. My-Furry-Friend-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
A Fireside Chat
With Aranea, by the camp fire. A-Fireside-Chat-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
Hold on Tight!
With Aranea, the player must speed their snowmobile along the dirt road in front of the second magitek facility. Hold-on-Tight-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
I'm a Kenny's Kid!
At the first facility there is a Kenny Crow in the room where the snowmobile is, next to big robots in the hangar bay. Can be done when the timer is active and Aranea first appears. Missable. Im-a-Kennys-Kid-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
New King in Town
Where the player killed the kaiser behemoth. New-King-in-Town-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
The Beauty of Teamwork
On the bridge in the room before the Barbarus corridor. The player must perform a link-strike with Aranea. Beauty-of-Teamwork-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
A Chilling Clash
With Aranea, before Barbarus's boss area beside boxes. A-Chilling-Clash-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png
Gone Fishin'
Near the camp overlooking the thawed lake, near a log. Prompto must be alone. Gone-Fishin-Location-FFXV-Episode-Prompto.png