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FFDII Archive


The Archive is a compendium in Final Fantasy Dimensions II that is unlocked after completing the entirety of the game. It is located in The Rift and consists of a Sound Test and a Gallery.

Sound TestEdit

The Sound Test allows one to listen to a variety of music from the game. The following is a list of available music:

  • Prelude of Legends
  • Present – The Departure
  • Navos Town
  • Survival
  • The Rift
  • Eidola
  • Mysidia Palace
  • Westa
  • A Moment's Rest
  • Dilemma
  • City of Magic – Mysidia
  • Cathedral
  • At the Land of Lore
  • To Babil Tower
  • The Middle Ages
  • Castle Westa
  • Rampant Monsters
  • The Deathlord's Castle
  • Bahamut & Destruction
  • Future – What Lies Ahead
  • Shelter
  • Doomed Fate
  • Hindrance
  • Decision
  • Agart
  • Deathlord
  • Friends
  • Elheim
  • Ajima
  • Village Frontier
  • Fight for the Future
  • Fanfare – Report
  • Aemo's Singing
  • Encouragement
  • To the Vortex of Chaos
  • Battle of the Ages
  • Beyond the Annals of Time
  • Timeless Tomorrow
  • Gods of the Rainbow
  • The Realm of Eureka
  • Fake –Shadow of Morrow–
  • Mist's Prayer
  • Timeless Tomorrow II


The Gallery allows one to look at varying artwork featured in the game, as well as artwork from behind the scenes and previous installments.

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