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King Leo using Architek.

Architek is a ability granted by the Crystal of Padarak that allows the wielder to create buildings for their kingdom in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.


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Before the power was given to King Leo, it was first used by the Dark Lord when he constructed a kingdom that would be a paradise for monsters. When the Miasma was cleared from the world, the Dark Lord's body was destroyed, turning into Elementite and leaving his heart within the Kingdom's Crystal. The only known structure left by him was the Castle.

Next to receive this ability was King Epitav, King Leo's father, who wanted to rebuild his former Kingdom in the new land. The Architek ability allowed him to build homes and shops from his memories of the old kingdom. Creating houses would also bring along with it people from his former Kingdom. The Dark Lord appeared to the King and challenged him. Not wanting anyone to be in danger alongside him, he evacuates the city and takes on the Dark Lord alone.

King Epitav attempts to use the power of Architek to defeat him, but is unsuccessful and is defeated. The Dark Lord imprisons Epitav and the buildings created by him with Architek vanish. His son, Leo, became the next person to be granted the power of Architek, and he began to construct a new kingdom.

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Architek is used for constructing new homes and facilities for Padarak. King Leo builds new homes on grounds that glow when he steps on them. Once a location is chosen, Chancellor Chime can be summoned by Leo with a bell, opening a menu where a type of building can be chosen to be constructed. Buildings have specific dimensions required for construction, and the player must choose which direction the building faces.

Each building needs a specific amount of Elementite to be built. King Leo gains more Elementite by sending Adventurers out to explore dungeons to collect more Elementite. Certain types of buildings can be unlocked by defeating the boss in certain dungeons. Some buildings can only be built with the help of the Moogle Brothers. Since the buildings being constructed come from King Leo's memories, the buildings he has never seen are created with the Moogle Brothers' help by either presenting King Leo with a painting of it or writing a song about it.