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Archers are essential for long-range combat.

The Archer job is available to humes and viera as a basic job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Archers are known for their ranged combat via bow and arrows. The range of their attack depends on their bow.

When two Archery abilities are mastered by humans, they can become Hunters. When two Archery abilities are mastered by viera, they can become Snipers. They are also one of two jobs that can ward off the undead for good, the other being the White Monk.



Hume Archers are almost completely inferior to Soldiers and Thieves, the other two basic physical-damage hume jobs. The only stat that isn't outclassed by either the Soldier or the Thief is the Archer's Resistance, which combined with their long ranged physical damage makes them useful as an anti-mage job early on. Compared to the viera Archer, again the only notably higher stat is Resistance.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
7.2 B- 1.1 E 7.2 C- 7.2 C- 6.4 D 8.1 B- 1.4 C


Viera Archers are inferior to Fencers, the Archer being only a tenth of a point faster, having slightly better Resistance, and having marginally higher MP, while the rest of their stats are noticeably lower. Although viera Archers may seem superior to hume Archers, Fencers are even better than either of them. Viera Archers could be used as an anti-mage job, but the difference in Resistance between the viera Archer and Fencer is negligible.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
7.2 B- 1.6 D 8.1 B- 6.8 D+ 7.2 C- 7.6 C 1.6 B



Archer command. Shoot a well-aimed arrow.
Skill Equipment AP Power Range
Boost Longbow 100 Self
Focuses energy to increase damage on next weapon atk.
Aim: Legs Thorn Bow 200 As Weapon
Shot aimed at legs to immobilize target.
Aim: Arm Nail Bow 200 As Weapon
Shot aimed at arms to disable target.
Cupid Artemis Bow 200 As Weapon
Shot through the heart. Charms enemy.
Burial Silver Bow 300 As Weapon
Buries zombified units immediately.
Take Aim Yoichi Bow 300 As Weapon As Weapon
Carefully aimed shot. Good hit rate, low damage.
Faster Perseus Bow 300 As Weapon As Weapon
Blurringly fast attack. Nullifies R-abilities.
Blackout Char Bow 200 As Weapon
Closes target's eyes, inflicting darkness.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Block Arrows Green Beret Dodge bow and longbow attacks.
Does not activate against counterattacks.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Concentrate Target Bow Focuses mind to increase attack hit rate. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Bow Combo Mythril Bow Long-ranged combo ability for archers. 100

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Archer TCG

A Viera Archer appears with a Wind-elemental card.


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