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Archers stand out of harm's way, raining arrows upon their foes from afar.


Archer is a job to humes and viera in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift who deal long-range attacks via bows.


Archers are useful units that allow the player to inflict damage on the first turn. An Archer works best with a strong melee unit acting as a protective shield to stop incoming enemies. Their Focus ability prepares a powerful attack, while several other abilities inflict status effects upon enemies. Their Burial removes the undead from battle and thereby prevents their resurrection. By mastering three Archer A-abilities, humes can become Hunters, while viera can become Snipers with two Archer A-abilities.

Viera Archers are comparably better than hume Archers for their dominance in Attack, Magick and Speed growth.



The skills of the ARCHER do not call for brute force, but deadly accuracy to fell a foe.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Focus Longbow Self 100
Muster the user's strength, increasing next action's ATTACK.
Leg Shot Thorn Bow Weapon range 250
Take aim at the target's legs to IMMOBILIZE it.
Arm Shot Nail Bow Weapon range 350
Take aim at the target's arms to DISABLE it.
Cupid Artemis Bow Weapon range 450
Pierce the target's heart with a magicked arrow. CHARMS the target.
Burial Silver Bow Weapon range 200
Bring peace to the Undead.
Take Aim Yoichi Bow Weapon range 200
Take careful aim at the target, increasing chance to hit, but dealing less damage.
Lightning Strike Perseus Bow Weapon range 300
A blindingly fast attack that does not trigger reaction abilities.
Blackout Char Bow Weapon range 250
Loose specially prepared arrows to Blind the target.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Archer's Bane Green Beret Avoid all bow-based basic attacks. 200


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Concentration Target Bow Focuses the user's thoughts. Increases chance to hit. 300


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