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Viera huntress who stalks her prey from afar.

The Archer is an enemy viera Sky Pirate job from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is a Ranged unit, and its abilities are similar to the playable character Fran.

Stats Edit

Mission 8

Mission 11

Mission 12 (a)

Mission 12 (b)

Mission 34

Mission 49

Mission 53


Battle Edit

Some of the Archer's unique skills are the Camouflage ability, which renders all of its group members Invisible, and Remedy.

Abilities Edit

Skill Effect
Bows Deal ranged damage to one foe.
Shadowbind Inflict Immobilize on one foe.
Sharpshot Increases group's ranged attack.
Camouflage Render user's group Invisible.
Barrage Deal ranged damage to one foe with successive shots.
Remedy Remove debuffs from one ally.
Rejuvenate Increases group's Speed.

Missions Edit

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