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An ancient demon spoken of in tales from a faraway world. It is said to have existed since ancient times, using fearsome dark magic to subjugate humans, and spreading destruction wherever it goes. Possessing great intelligence and physical ability, its extremely cruel nature has led it to be feared by both human and monster alike. It is said to eagerly seek out greedy humans, offering them contracts that will grant their desires in exchange for their soul.

Entry in the Monster Guide

The Archeodemon is an enemy from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and exclusively appears in the Final Fantasy Tactics exchange event The Auracite Chosen. He is the boss battle for the stage 'Chosen by the Stone - BGN'.

Locations Edit

Location Level HP MP Exp Gil Steal Item drop
The Auracite Chosen BGN*(Boss battle) 5 2,000 30 500 20 None Red Orb
The Auracite Chosen INT 15 4,600 35 1,000 200 None Red Orb
The Auracite Chosen ADV 27 20,000 45 1,700 170 None Red Orb
The Auracite Chosen PRO 40 60,000 55 2,250 225 None Red Orb
The Auracite Chosen ELT 70 180,000 200 3,000 320 None Red Orb


Battle Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Unholy Darkness (ダークホーリー, Dāku Hōrī?, lit. Dark Holy) is an attack that inflicts Dark-elemental hybrid damage to one unit. Archeodemon cannot use if he is silenced.
  • Karma (ライフブレイク, Raifu Bureiku?, lit. Life Break) deals physical damage (1.75x) to one unit.

Gallery Edit

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