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The Archaean's Mirror is a fishing spot in Final Fantasy XV located in a crater south of Disc of Cauthess, near to Cauthess Rest Area. It has a tackle shop during the daytime. This fishing spot was added in the day one patch.

List of fishEdit


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Alstor Bass (small)
Alstor Bass
300001.214101Alstor Bass BonesBomber: Bomb, Jumbo Tusk: Garulessa, Fatal Roulette: AhrimanCrestholm Reservoir, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond, Daurell Spring (daytime), Rachsia Bridge, Archaean's Mirror
Alstor Bass (big)
Alstor Bass
600002.024451Alstor Bass BonesBomber: Bomb, Jumbo Tusk: Garulessa, Fatal Roulette: AhrimanCrestholm Reservoir, Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere (night), Malacchi Pond, Daurell Spring (daytime/rainy), Rachsia Bridge (rainy), Neeglyss Towerfront, Archaean's Mirror
Hookhorn Bluegill
(Bendhorn Bluegill)
Hookhorn Bluegill
140001.312151Bluegill ScaleMalacchi Pond (night), Forgotten Pool, Archaean's Mirror
Dank Barramundi
(Weed Barramundi)
Dank Barramundi
575001.214151Dank Barramundi FilletBomber: Bomb, Bomber: Thunder BombNeeglyss Towerfront, Archaean's Mirror


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Grim Catfish
(Grimmy Catfish)
Grim Catfish
1500002.035803Poisonous Catfish FinNeedle 1,000: Gold CactuarArchaean's Mirror (evening/rainy)


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Striped Catfish
(Banded Catfish)
Striped Catfish
600001.424401Catfish MucusNeedle 1,000: Cactuar, Needle 1,000: Gold CactuarDaurell Spring (night), Archaean's Mirror (night)


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Redeye Bass
Redeye Bass
500001.7281003Bass EyeBomber: Thunder Bomb, Mog Rank: Rubygold MoogleArchaean's Mirror (night/rainy), Daurell Spring


The Fisherman's Friend is a man selling fishing goods who appears during the daytime. Noctis's fishing level affects the prices:
  • Level 3: Tackle shops offer a 10% discount
  • Level 6: Tackle shops offer a 30% discount
  • Level 9: Tackle shops offer a 50% discount
Item Cost
Spider Silk 30
Super Baleen 100
Dragon's Beard 500
Bomber: Bomb 50
Bomber: Ice Bomb 50
Bomber: Thunder Bomb 50
Needle 1,000: Cactuar 50
Needle 1,000: Metal Cactuar 50
Needle 1,000: Gold Cactuar 50



Earth Gemstone location.


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