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Cast Arcana spells.

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Arcana (妖術, Youjutsu?, lit. Witchcraft) is a command in Final Fantasy X-2 mainly associated with the Dark Knight dressphere. The Arcane Lore accessory and Chaos Maelstrom Garment Grid also grant access do it. Individual spells can be accessed via specific accessories and Garment Grids. The Arcane Tome accessory cuts the time required for Arcana by 40%.

It specializes in inflicting status ailments to opponents. Paine's Mascot dressphere's Cutlery command is like a stronger variant of Arcana magic.

List of abilities[]

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Drain 20 8 Absorbs HP from one enemy. None FFX-2 Drain.png
Demi 20 10 Reduces the HP of all enemies by 1/4. None FFX-2 Demi.PNG
Confuse 30 12 Inflicts Confuse on an opponent. Demi FFX-2 Confuse.PNG
Break 40 20 Petrifies one enemy, removing it from the battlefield in the process. Confuse FFX-2 Break.png
Bio 30 16 Poisons all enemies. None FFX-2 Bio.PNG
Doom 20 18 Puts one enemy into Doom status, giving the opponent a certain time to eliminate its opponent or flee. Once the countdown reaches 0, enemy is instantly Knocked Out. Bio FFX-2 Doom.png
Death 50 24 Instantly kills an opponent but there is a small chance that it will fail. Doom FFX-2 Death.png
Black Sky 100 80 Deals moderate amount of damage to all enemies. Death FFX-2 Black Sky.PNG



Arcana means "secrets" or "mysteries".