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Arbor (エルバ, Eruba?) is a location in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. It is home to a population of elves and fairies, who make their village around the Great Tree. This location is considered sacred, and no human is allowed to enter here.


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Aire, who was transformed into a cat, follows advice from her fairy companion, Lilibelle, to seek help from the Queen of Arbor. Traveling from Liberte, Aire arrives in Guera and reunites with Brandt, who has the same destination in mind. They navigate the Fairy Path with the help of Lilibelle's wings (which she sacrificed to revive a fallen Aire prior), but upon arrival, Brandt suddenly turns into a vegetative statue.

Learning that such is the punishment for any trespassing human, not even the Queen is willing to give a solution. Aire's search leads to exploring the underground Great Tree Roots with Torte for the elusive Animal Staff. With the treasure obtained, Brandt is saved when the staff transforms him into a dog. Torte reports to the Queen that from his research, the Great Tree is mysteriously weakening for unknown reasons. The Queen offers to return the heroes to human form if they climb the Great Tree and defeat its unruly guardian, Arbaroc.

When the task is accomplished, the Animal Staff is upgraded to the Transform Staff, allowing for transformation between human and animal forms. The Queen herself lacks power to remove the petrification curse on the Kingdom of Horne, and suggests the heroes find Rolan of Spelvia for help. When Aire and Brandt climb the Great Tree to jump to the floating city, Aire is successful, but Brandt falls and must travel from Arbor to Invidia in the north.

After the party is sent back in time, they meet up with Torte the moment he released Belphegor. After Belphegor is released, he attempts to make Mount Gulg erupt. The party learns from Queen Arbor that Torte headed to the mountain to stop Belphegor. The party travels to Mount Gulg in order to stop him from setting off the volcano. At the top of the mountain, the party interrupts Arbaroc's battle with Belphegor and they manage to destroy him. With Belphegor destroyed, the city of Arbor is finally at peace. Before they leave, Queen Arbor and Torte give the party the Lux spell.

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Before Darkness[]


Item Cost
Potion 20 gil
Torch 10 gil
Dragon Wing 60 gil
Eye Drops 20 gil
Antidote 20 gil
Echo Herbs 20 gil
Alarm Clock 20 gil
Cure Tome 500 gil
Raise Tome 1500 gil


Item Cost
Wood Lance 660 gil
Sacred Tree Staff 190 gil
Red Shot 865 gil
Ranger Bow 570 gil
Stun Stiletto 530 gil
Merchant Tunic 550 gil
Salve-Maker Robe 500 gil
Great Tree Shield 280 gil
Sleep Cape 250 gil
Silence Cape 250 gil

After Darkness[]


Item Cost
Hi-Potion 40 gil
X-Potion 400 gil
Remedy 400 gil
Dragon Wing 60 gil
Torch 10 gil
Leaf Tome 500 gil
Leafra Tome 1500 gil
Leafaga Tome 5000 gil
Curaga Tome 5000 gil
Esuna Tome 1500 gil


Item Cost
Red Shot 865 gil
Wind Bow 485 gil
Blue Shot 580 gil
Ranger Bow 570 gil
Book of Dryad 475 gil
Great Tree Dagger 440 gil
Sniper's Ring 500 gil
Fairy Cape 500 gil

Multiplayer Prize Shop[]

Item Points
Mythril Rod 5745
Sage's Staff 6750
Vermillion 1000
Hunter Garb 1000
Eastern Garb 1000
Dark Armor 1000
Garb of Knowledge 1000
Mana Screen 8000
Growth Egg 3000
Old Shoes 6000

Musical themes[]

The theme for this area is "Arbor the Forbidden Land" (禁断の地エルバ, Kindan no Chi Eruba?).


Arbor is Latin for "tree". An arbor is also an axle on which something revolves. This may refer to the navigation of the Great Tree interior. The original Japanese name "Eruba", may derive from the Middle English origin "erber", or could possibly mean "elva", a reference to the elf-like folk who inhabit Arbor.