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Arbaroc is a non-player character in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. He is the bird-like guardian of the Great Tree in Arbor.


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Before the events of the game, Torte broke the seal that trapped Belphegor and set him free. Arbaroc traveled to Mount Gulg and attempted to stop Belphegor from triggering a volcanic eruption, which would destroy Arbor. Torte, now cursed into the form of a mouse, tried to help, but Belphegor defeated them both and possessed Arbaroc.

During the game, Belphegor fully takes over Arbaroc and forces him to go on a rampage. Queen Arbor sends Brandt, Aire, and Torte to stop him, but they are unable to snap him out of it and are forced to kill him in battle. Although Arbaroc's death is grave news for Arbor, Queen Arbor thanks the party and gives them the Transformation Staff.

After the party travels to the past, they go to Mount Gulg in order to stop Belphegor from possessing Arbaroc's body. After the party defeats Belphegor, Arbaroc can be seen flying around the Great Tree.

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Arbaroc is fought as a boss atop the Great Tree. Defeating him earns the player the crowns of Elementalist and Ranger.


"Roc" is a legendary bird of prey. A roc or ruk (from the Arabic and Persian رخ rokh, asserted by Louis Charles Casartelli to be an abbreviated form of Persian simurgh) is an enormous legendary bird of prey, often said to be white.