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Arbagadol is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Off with Their Heads! hunt.


An arba specimen that has grown to enormous proportions. Its awe-inspiring immensity renders it irresistible to mate-seeking arba, and the exorbitant bounty on its horns renders it irresistible to hunters hard up for gil.
Size: 47.54 ft. Weight: 61.38 t


Off with Their Heads!Lestallum – Tostwell Grill1
Red Hunt Icon
Arbagadol x2, Arba x3Kelbass Grasslands (Daytime)315,070 gil, Lightning Crest★★★



Arbagadols are similar to the anak fought in the Leide area. They rise to their hind legs to charge at those in front of them and sweep their long necks left and right to cover a wider area. They can leap away when attacked from the back. Their horns can be broken. They are weak to swords, machinery and lightning and resist light.


The player can warp-strike the head, which is usually too high up for normal attacks to reach. This may also break off their appendages for additional drops. Hitting their behinds triggers blindside attacks and links.


Arba was a man mentioned in early, Old Testament verses of the Bible. In Joshua 14:15, he is cited as the "greatest man among the Anakites" and the father of Anak.

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