Arachne is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV. It is encountered as a boss in Keycatrich Trench during the Main Quest The Power of Kings, and as a regular enemy in Greyshire Glacial Grotto. They can also be randomly encountered at night.

A Lv.24 arachne fights in the Leide League of Totomostro at night with a team name Grim Circus.


A dangerous, multi-legged daemon of the darkness that ensnares its unwary victim in webs before assailing them with spheres of electrical energy. When threatened, she will summon smaller tarantulas to protect her from harm.
Size: 9.44 ft. Weight: 697.9 lb.
Spinning her webs in the depths of Keycatrich Trench, this daemon possesses more strength and stamina than similar spiders found in Duscae. Fortunately, biologists have only confirmed a sole specimen in all of Eos, so the threat she poses to the world at large is relatively low.
Size: 9.54 ft. Weight: 735.0 lb.
A spider specimen spotted in Zegnautus Keep. Its abilities are equivalent to those of the average arachne, but its behavioral patterns differ greatly. Unlike its common cousins, this daemon stubbornly refuses to summon tarantulas to its aid, insisting on subduing its prey all by herself.
Size: 9.41 ft. Weight: 679.0 lb.


Lvl 12 Enemy


Lvl 23 Enemy


Arachne uses both physical and magical attacks. They use Lightning-elemental magical spread attacks capable of inflicting Shocked and Stop statuses. They can summon Tarantulas. They are weak to greatswords, machinery and Fire. They charge up a jumping attack that can be parried.


The player should concentrate on the Arachne, as the Tarantulas it summons will die when it is defeated. Fire-elemental Elemancy is potent. The player can focus attacking its back side for increased damage; if there is a party member nearby they might join in a blindside link-strike.

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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Arachne is the name of a mythological Greek weaver who boasted she had skills surpassing that of Athena, the goddess of weaving. For this hubris, Athena transformed her and her descendants into spiders.


Red arachne on Magna Fortia from FFXV.png

  • The Lv.23 version of arachne does not appear in the official guide as Chapter 12 Verse 2 was added later in a patch. Thus, it also doesn't have elemental or weapon type weaknesses or resistances, and yields no EXP or item drops.
  • The cut scene where daemons invade the train as it enters Tenebrae has a red arachne-type daemon that doesn't appear as an enemy.

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