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Rest in pieces. C'mon, let's grab the Regalia and split.

Gladiolus Amicitia

Aracheole Stronghold is a Niflheim military base in Duscae region in Final Fantasy XV. It is where the empire impounds the Regalia after the trial of Titan. In the 1.00 version of the game, the base's gates remain open, and the player can leave even before reclaiming the Regalia. The Regalia is also parked haphazardly.


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Gladiolus Amicitia calls it a "port-a-fortress", although he also says its walls don't look portable. Ignis Scientia calls it the remnants of the Old War, and the imperial army availing itself of the added protection.

After the party escapes the Disc of Cauthess on Ardyn Izunia's assault craft, they leave the Regalia behind, and it is confiscated by imperial troops and impounded in the Aracheole Stronghold. After learning from Cindy Aurum, their mechanic, where the car is, the party hatches a plan to reclaim it. Ramuh cloaks the Duscae region in perpetual storm, which prevents the empire from using airships to move the vehicle.

Ravus intimidates the party.

Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto infiltrate the stronghold in the dead of night with Noctis covertly warp-killing the troopers manning the base. They destroy the base's magitek generator and locate the car. When overwhelmed by the imperial forces Ramuh appears and decimates them with his Judgment Bolt. The party is accosted by Ardyn and Ravus Nox Fleuret, the high commander of the imperial army. Ravus is unimpressed Noctis has gained Ramuh's allegiance, annoyed the prince is oblivious to the danger his quest puts Lunafreya Nox Fleuret in. He brandishes his new magitek prosthetic arm that grants him superhuman strength by easily overpowering Gladiolus, Noctis's Shield of the King. Ardyn calls Ravus off and they leave, allowing the party to take the car back.

The stronghold remains decimated after the party's infiltration and its magitek generator is never repaired. It is full of rusted tanks, presumably relics of the Great War, and a type of technology the empire no longer often deploys, preferring to deploy troops from magitek engines instead.

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The Ω-Files[]

Omega Files ME 745-X-24th in FFXV.png

The log for M.E. 745-X-24th is found in the warehouse in the southwestern end (top part of map) in the Windows and Royal Editions, inside the small building. It tells how Niflheim discovered the wreckage of Omega from Taelpar Crag.