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Aqvi on the world map.

Aqvi (アクヴィの町, Akuvi no Machi?, lit. Town of Aqvi) is a location in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a town in the Rubrum Region of Orience. Aqvi was invaded by Milites after it begins its worldwide campaign for power, but in Chapter 2 is liberated by Class Zero and Dominion of Rubrum forces. Dominion Quaestors come to the town to assess the damage, and are pleased to find it fairly intact as most of the fighting took place outside the city center.



The dominion sieges Aqvi.

Operation Reconquista is the second mission of Chapter 2, and the first RTS mission. The goal is to use Rubrum's occupied towns and dominions to invade Aqvi and Corsi. After taking down the towns' energy fields Class Zero can infiltrate the towns and liberate them by defeating the empire's commanding officers.


In the Spelunk and Search task Koki in Aqvi asks the cadets to bring him a Fire Shard from Corsi Cave. The task becomes available after the Operation Reconquista mission. Fire Shards are dropped by Bombs in Corsi Cave.

Obtaining Yu'u's Crystal[]

Nazuna the little girl standing underneath a tree waiting for her sister to return home from the army. After talking to her a second time three children will run over to her. Talking to any of the three children, and then talking to Nazuna again prompts her to run away. If the player follows and talks to her again, a Rubrum soldier will appear at the town entrance. Talking to the soldier and choosing the first option yields a Letter to Nazuna. Delivering the letter to the girl yields Yu'u's Crystal, a L'Cie Stone.


The shop I used to run burned to the ground, but I still managed to salvage some goods before they went up in flames. It all smells a little smoky, but I can assure you everything is in otherwise perfect condition!

Dominion Citizen
Item Price
Ignis Primus, Vol. I 800 gil
Glacies Prima, Vol. I 800 gil
Fulgur Primus, Vol. I 800 gil
Aegis Prima, Vol. I 800 gil
Teleport Stone 2000 gil

Musical themes[]

Aqvi's background music is "Peaceful Times" (静謐な時間, Seihitsu na Jikan?), the fourteenth track on the first disc of the soundtrack. It is the standard theme that plays across all towns in Orience.