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Aquila is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Alcyone's model from Final Fantasy X.

Stats Edit



Fiend Arena

Fiend Arena Oversoul

Battle Edit

As an aerial fiend, it has high Evasion, however, relatively low Magic Defense. Magic is an effective weapon against this enemy.

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Aquila X-2
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Creature Creator Edit

Fiend Tale Edit

Um, I'm sorry to disturb you, but would you happen to know where Sin is? I see, we're in the Calm currently. I don't know whose Calm it may be, but it is most welcome. What's that you say? Sin is no more!? Sin will never return again...? Finally... finally! The day that Lady Belgemine predicted has arrived! Where is the lady...? I see, so she has departed... The lady rescued me from Sin 200 years ago, when I was a "seed".
200 years ago, Spira was on the verge of being destroyed by Sin. Every creature in Spira was about to be obliterated by Sin. Having sensed this Lady Belgemine has a ship built in secret, and sailed us, the "chosen", out to sea. Under the protection of Lady Belgemine, the ship was not targeted for attack by Sin, and after a long journey... the ship reached the far end of the world. That was 150 years ago...
Of course, it was not an easy journey. Giant waves, disease... Many of my comrades fell after leaving the continent. We thought about turning back many, many times, but in the end, we persevered. After all, the mission given to us by Lady Belgemine was to "live to keep the seed alive." We could not go back to Spira, for that meant going back to Sin.
More time passed, and one day... the waves brought us something unexpected. It was a moonlily. That single flower awakened the deep feelings we has for our dying world. What did Spira look like now? Was Lady Belgemine safe...? We needed some way to get information. After debating it at length, it was decided that I, who had wings, would go check on Spira. And so it is that Sin is no more! I must go inform my comrades of the Eternal Calm now!

One notable Aquila knew of Belgemine from two centuries ago. Belgemine sent this fiend on an ark with humans and other fiends to escape Sin and make a new life for themselves. Eventually, Aquila was sent to see if Sin was gone, returning to report of the Eternal Calm. After completing this Fiend Tale's ending, the Ark Legend team becomes available to fight in the Fiend Arena.

Etymology Edit

Aquila is the Italian and Latin word for "eagle", as well as the name of a constellation.

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Final Fantasy X Edit

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission Edit

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