The Apotamkin is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It appears in groups with other Apotamkin. It is resistant to every element and physical attacks, so the party should use non-elemental magic attacks such as Ruin to defeat it. They are a good enemy to fight to farm Potent Orbs.


Paradigm Pack

For 66 Monster materials, Apotamkin gets every basic spell, every elemental strike, and every second level spell (eg Thundara). It also gets Item Collector, which is useful until the end of the storyline, whereupon its effects are superfluous to the available Durable Collector Catalog, and Gilfinder II, which is less useful but can be used all game long. As an Early Peaker, though, it never gets to infuse very many abilities at one time; monsters can only infuse one role ability for each level of their Crystarium advancement. It can endure a lot of magical damage (less if it is typeless like Ruin), as it halves not only magic but elements also.

Monster stats

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Ability Level Type Infuse
Fire Initial Command Y
Blizzard Initial Command Y
Thunder Initial Command Y
Aero Initial Command Y
Gilfinder II Initial Passive N
Pack Mentality Initial Passive N
Flamestrike 3 Command N
Froststrike 5 Command N
Sparkstrike 10 Command N
Galestrike 13 Command N
Item Collector 14 Passive Y
Fira 15 Command Y
Blizzara 16 Command Y
Thundara 17 Command Y
Aerora 18 Command Y


Other appearances

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Apotamkin TCG.png

Apotamkin appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with a Fire-elemental card.


The Apotamkin is a vampire-like creature in Native American mythology.


  • Apotamkin is the only Spook to not sport an Etro's gate-like symbol on it.

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