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Apocalypse is an attack magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. It is the most powerful non-elemental spell in the game, damaging all enemies, but is only obtained during the final battle; though Apocalypse has junction stats, the part where it is obtained is past menu access, and thus it is impossible to junction Apocalypse to stats in a normal playthrough. These junction effects are generally second only to Ultima's.

The final boss repeatedly uses Apocalypse against the party.


Apocalypse is drawn from the final boss's lower half. It is not immediately available; the player needs to wait for the final boss to draw it first, and then target the same body part with Draw. The main body is the default target in the final battle, so the player needs to move the cursor to the lower half of the boss to find the spell. Since the lower body is a separate target, if the player kills it, they can no longer draw more Apocalypse; however, this also applies to the main boss itself.



Apocalypse has a spell power of 120 when cast by the player party, meaning its damage is calculated as:[1]

The version of the spell cast by the final boss is a variation with a spell power of 200.


Final Fantasy VIII - Apocalypse


After drawing the spell, the player can then cast it with the Magic command, or with Rinoa's Angel Wing if she has it in her inventory. It can be especially potent when used with Triple. Apocalypse has a shortened recast animation for the second/third casts with Double/Triple that only plays the final explosion.

Casting Apocalypse in battle increases compatibility with Eden by 0.4 and with Brothers, Diablos, Leviathan, Alexander, Cerberus, Pandemona, Doomtrain and Bahamut by 0.2. Casting Apocalypse doesn't lower compatibility with any GF. Apocalypse does not show up in Selphie's Slot.

Apocalypse cannot be reflected. The player can mitigate damage with Shell and high Spirit.


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