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Apkallu are a variety of sea bird that live in flocks on the islands of the Near East in Final Fantasy XI. On dry land, Apkallu only waddle about on their short legs, but in the ocean they propel themselves through the water with finlike wings at high speeds, enabling them to catch fish. In the Near East, the Apkallu are a protected species and are referred to as "The Sages of the Sea."

Apkallu have a communal hate based on how many a player has killed. As a given player's Apkallu hate goes up, they start using a larger variety of attacks. Initially they only use Yawn. After as few as 4 kills they will begin to use Beak Lunge, and will begin use of Frigid Shuffle after approximately 15 kills. They start to react violently to White Magic (including attacking healers even after extremely low Cures), and become very difficult to kill (gaining both physical and magical damage resistance to the point of near invulnerability). As Apkallu hate rises, their rate of multiple attacks and Counter use will increase as well. It is currently unclear how to lower Apkallu hate rapidly, though it will decrease over long periods of time. Over a 1 week game time period, the hate will decrease by at least 20 kills, possibly more.

Apkallu hate appears to be at least partially area-based. If a group of people caused high Apkallu hate in an area, another group which comes later will receive the hate effect. It is possible to trade certain fish (Ahtapot, Veydal Wrasse) to the Apkallu NPCs, which makes them follow you around. Preliminary tests shown that hate raises rapidly with the following NPC Apkallu looking at the player killing other Apkallu. Also, after a certain amount of hate is accumulated, the NPC 'green' name will turn yellow indicating that the player has accumulated a large amount of hate. The NPC Apkallu do not seem to appear when there is high hate in an area.


  • Fairy Apkallu
  • Lebros Apkallu

Special Abilities[]

  • Beak Lunge: Single target damage and Knockback.
  • Frigid Shuffle: AoE Paralyze. It will not work if the player is not facing the Apkallu.
  • Wing Slap: Single target damage and Stun.
  • Whirl Whirl: AoE damage.
  • Yawn: AoE Sleep. It will not work if the player is not facing the Apkallu.



The Apkallu in Sumerian myth are a group of benevolent demigods that taught mankind the tenets of civilization. They appear fishlike, or half-human half-fish.