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Anzu is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV.


Anzu is the daughter of Unzan, a chef who had his own restaurant in Doma. Due to the war against the empire, both became refugees and made Revenant's Toll their new home. Anzu becomes engaged to Raulf Unzan is against the relationship. Believing it was because he was an adventurer, Raulf decided to give up his adventurer life to focus on Far Eastern cuisine in order to gain approval. Subsequently Unzan reveals his true reason for rejecting Raulf is his Ala Mhigan blood. Unzan says their blood is Yanxia's pride, and only a man of equally pure lineage is suitable for his daughter. Dejected, Raulf decides to return to being an adventurer and leaves. Initially impressed, Anzu chooses to believe Raulf, saying that he must have reasons for his decision. She begs the Warrior of Light to continue helping.

The Warrior of Light prepares the doman sukiyaki and Raulf prepares the buckler stew. The two dishes are placed in front of Unzan and Anzu, who are shocked to discover that, despite their apparent differences, they taste almost identical. Raulf goes on to explain how Ala Mhigan's cornbread stew was reborn in Doma as sukiyaki, his arrival giving rise to new possibilities in Far Eastern cuisine. After reconsidering the origins, Unzan invited Raulf to join the meal as a gesture of showing his blessing. With Unzan's blessing, Raulf says that he and Anzu will get married at the first opportunity and then declares that he will hang his adventurer hat forever.




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