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"Anxiety" (不安な心, Fuan na Kokoro?, lit. Anxious Heart), also known as "Heart of Anxiety" or "Anxious Heart", is a background theme from Final Fantasy VII. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII[]

"Anxiety" first appears in Sector 8 after the explosion of the Mako Reactor 1. It is the background theme for the Train Graveyard, Nibelheim and Gongaga, as well as Kalm after Meteor is summoned. It is the fourth track of the Final Fantasy VII: Original Soundtrack first disc.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete[]

"Anxiety - FFVII ACC Version" is an arrangement of "Anxiety" by Keiji Kawamori. It plays as Cloud passes out next to Tifa in the Sector 5 slums church in Advent Children Complete and replaces the track "Water", which played during that scene in the original release. It is the fifth track from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Reunion Tracks.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

"The Shrouded Village (from FFVII "Heart of Anxiety")"

"The Shrouded Village (from FFVII "Heart of Anxiety")" is an arrangement of "Anxiety" by Takeharu Ishimoto and is the background theme of Nibelheim. It appears as the fifth track on disc two of the game's original soundtrack.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

"Anxiety" is an arrangement by Yoshinori Nakamura. It is the twentieth track on disc three of the game's original soundtrack. "Shining Beacon of Civilization" is another arrangement by Shotaro Shima. It plays when Jessie explains the layout of Midgar to Cloud. It is the sixteenth track on disc one of the original soundtrack.

Other arrangements of "Anxiety" include: "Anxiety - False Memories", which plays during Cloud's Nibelheim Incident flashback; "I'm Sick of All of This", which plays during Tifa's flashback of her father's death; and "Anxiety - Sector 5 Undercity", a major key arrangement that plays as Cloud and Aerith are headed for Aerith's house.

Live performances[]

Final Symphony[]

"Encore: Final Fantasy VII (Continue?)" is a medley of Final Fantasy VII music arranged and orchestrated by Jonne Valtonen and contains an orchestral arrangement of "Anxiety".