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It's okay. Antlions are quite tame.


The Antlion is a minor boss from Final Fantasy IV, found deep inside Antlion's Den where it produces the Sand Pearl while laying its eggs, the only means to cure those infected by desert fever. Normally, the Antlion is benign but because of the influence that is making monsters become more aggressive, the Antlion attacks the party.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

The Antlion's eyes change color from white to red and will counter physical attacks when white and magical attacks when red.

Strategy Edit

Depending on the eye color, the player should should use the appropriate moves to avoid the counterattacks and have Edward use his Bardsongs to aid the party. When the Antlion does not counter physical attacks (red eyes), Cecil should use Darkness, and when it does counter them (white eyes), Rydia should use Blizzard and Cecil should defend.

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Etymology Edit

Antlions are a family of insects, known by the scientific name Myrmeleontidae. "Antlion" usually refers to the larval form of the insect, and they are so named because the larva's typical food is ants, though they will eat other insects as well. Antlions will dig pits in sand inches deep and lurk in the bottom waiting for prey to come close. When the prey falls into the pit, the loose sand on the sides of the pit prevents them from escaping and causes them to fall further down towards the antlion. The antlion's jaws are hollow, and upon biting its prey it will suck out its juices rather than actually eat it. When the antlion is finished, it flicks the husk out of its sandpit and fixes any damage done to the walls, then waits for its next meal to pass by.

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