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Antidote FF7

The Antidote in Final Fantasy VII.

A tonic that works through the skin, drawing out and neutralizing toxins within the body.

The Antidote (どくけし or 毒消し, Dokukeshi?), also called Antedot, Pure Potion and Pure, is an item that has appeared in every game in the series. It cures the Poison status effect. It normally costs little gil and can be acquired fairly early in the game.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

Cures poison.

The Antidote (PURE on the NES) can be bought in every store, except for Melmond, and costs 75 gil. Antidote is extremely valuable, as there is no other cure for Poison other than using the Poisona spell, and it can be inflicted relatively often.

Final Fantasy II Edit

Cures poison.
Effect Cures poison status.
Buy All shops
Find Snow Cave, Kashuan Keep, Castle Deist, Coliseum
Drop Vampire Thorn, Queen Bee, Death Flower, Soldier, Soul Eater.
Cost 200 gil

Final Fantasy III Edit

Antidote can be bought in all item shops for 40 gil, and two can be found in Ur. It can be dropped from Killer Bee, Revenant, Poison Bat, Hornet, Pharaoh, and stolen from Killer Bee, Shadow, Larva, Revenant, Poison Bat, Hornet, and Pharaoh.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Cures Poison
Effect Cures poison status.
Buy Baron (2D and 3D), Kaipo (2D and 3D), Fabul (2D and 3D), Mysidia (2D and 3D), Troia (2D and 3D), Agart (2D only), Feymarch (2D only), Cave of Eblan (2D and 3D), Dwarven Castle (2D only)
Steal Hundlegs (3D only), Desert Sahagin (3D only), Adamantoise (3D only), Hydra (3D only), Ettin Snake (3D only), Cave Naga (2D and 3D), Naga (3D only), Nagaraja (3D only), Amoeba (3D only)
Drop Desert Sahagin (2D and 3D), Hundlegs (3D only), Adamantoise (2D and 3D), Hydra (2D and 3D), Ettin Snake (2D and 3D), Cave Naga (2D and 3D), Naga (2D and 3D), Nagaraja (2D and 3D), Amoeba (2D only)
Other Map Completion: Underground Waterway South B2 (x5, 3D), Mt. Ordeals Entrance (x5, 3D)
Cost 40 gil

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

A handful of Antidotes can be found. Two are in Damcyan and one is in the Sealed Cave, otherwise they are dropped by the Desert Sahagin and the Naga. Antidotes can be purchased at Damcyan, Fabul, and aboard the Falcon, for 40 gil.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

Antidote is an item that cures Poison. It can be bought in Mysidia, Mist (Ceodore), Kaipo, and Dwarven Castle for 40 gil, dropped from Hydra, Ettin Snake, Cave Naga, Naga, Mizuichi, Desert Sahagin, Nagaraja, Amoeba, and Adamantoise, and found in Mist Cave, Troia Castle (Palom), Eblan (Edge), Dwarven Castle (Porom), and Impact Crater (Lunarian).

Final Fantasy V Edit

Removes poison status.

Antidote costs 30 gil in Carwen and beyond. One is found in Carwen, while two are found in the Ship Graveyard. The Antidote can also be dropped from Aquathorn, Aspis, Bio Soldier, Moss Fungus, Poison Eagle, Desert Killer, Tunneller (Zephyrus Summon), and Flying Killer, and stolen from Nix, Aspis, Bio Soldier (Zephyrus Summon), Desertpede, Mandrake, Python, Sand Bear, Wyrm, and Istory Lythos.

Final Fantasy VI Edit

Cures poison.
Effect Cures Poison.
Buy South Figaro and onwards.
Find [WoB] Returner Hideout - Bucket, [WoB] Figaro Castle - Chest
Steal Mu, Fafnir, Nettlehopper, Cartagra, Lunatys, Sand Ray, Cirpius, Grasswyrm, Antares, Goetia, Venobennu
Drop Sand Ray, Intangir, Antares, Oceanus
Morph Guard, Soldier, Cloud, Al Jabr, Darkwind, Zaghrem, Angel Whisper, Commander, Fafnir, Aepyornis, Lesser Lopros, Zokka, Hornet, Nettlehopper, Delta Beetle, Cartagra, Nautiloid, Exocite, Leap Frog, Lizard, Litwor Chicken, Spritzer, Flan, Humpty, Bandit, Harvester, Figaro Lizard, Aspiran, Ghost, Crawler, Sand Ray, Alacran, Actinian, Darkside, Urok, Foper, Joker, Guard Leader, Corporal, Warlock, Iron Fist, Provoker, Vector Lythos, Wyvern, Cirpius, Sprinter, Gloomwind, Rock Wasp, Grasswyrm, Luridan, Acrophies, Devourer, Cancer, Gigantoad, Basilisk, Medusa Chicken, Poplium, Creature, Deepeye, Unseelie, Neck Hunter, Parasite, Anemone, Land Ray, Antares, Moonform, Spectre, Bonnacon, Zeveak, Nightwalker, Wizard, Devil Fist, Sergeant, Caladrius, Tzakmaqiel, Eukaryote, Land Grillon, Psychos, Mousse, Punisher, Gobbledygook, Scorpion, Lich, Bug, Seaflower, Venobennu, Valeor, Necromancer
Cost 50 gil

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Cures [Poison]

Antidote can be bought in Midgar (Sector 7 Slums disc 1, Sector 5 Slums and Shinra Headquarters), Wall Market, Kalm, Junon, North Corel, Costa del Sol, Gold Saucer, Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga, Nibelheim, Mideel, Bone Village, and Corel Prison for 80 gil. It can be stolen from Brain Pod and Kelzmelzer and dropped from Blood Taste and Special Combatant. It may also be morphed from the Kelzmelzer.

Final Fantasy VIII Edit

The Antidote can be bought in all item shops at 100 gil, and can also be refined by either refining Poison Powder x1 into Antidote x3 (ST Med-RF) or Venom Fang x1 into Antidote x10 (ST Med-RF).

Final Fantasy IX Edit

Cures Venom and Poison.

Antidote can be bought in nearly every item shop for 50 gil, and one may also be found in Dali. It can be dropped from Chimera and Stilva, and can also be stolen from the enemies Amdusias (A), Crawler, Drakan, Mimic, Sand Scorpion, Serpion, Torama, Whale Zombie and Worm Hydra.

Final Fantasy X Edit

Cures poison.

99 can be used to customize Poisontouch to a character's weapon.

Effect Cures Poison.
Buy All item shops
Find Besaid (Beach (x2), Valley (x2), Village, Temple (after gaining control of airship)), Moonflow - North Bank (x4), Submerged Ruins, S.S. Liki, Kilika, Mushroom Rock Road, Djose Highroad
Steal Bite Bug, Grat, Killer Bee, Ragora
Cost 50 gil

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

Effect Cures Poison.
Buy All item shops
Find Kilika Port (chapter 1/3), Mi'ihen Highroad (chapter 1/2)
Steal Agama, Assassin Bee, Gecko, Mycotoxin, Ochu, Taromaiti, Vertigo
Drop Agama, Assassin Bee, Barong, Divebeak, Gecko, Mycotoxin (normal and Oversoul), Ochu, Skink, Vertigo, Vespa
Bribe Agama (normal and Oversoul), Boris, Divebeak, Gecko
Cost 50 gil

Final Fantasy XI Edit

Final Fantasy XI Antidote

Antidotes can be bought from most merchants and found in treasure caskets throughout Vana'diel, and can be synthesized by Alchemists.

Final Fantasy XII Edit

Antidote can be bought for 50 gil at Rabanastre, Lowtown Merchants, Nalbina, Bhujerba, Jahara, Eruyt, Mt Bur-Omisace, Mosphoran Highwaste, Old Archades, Archades, Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Leviathan, Balfonheim, and Phon Coast. They are used to cure the target of poison, but if used with the Nihopalaoa equipped, it will inflict poison on the target.

Final Fantasy XIII Edit

Antidotes can be bought from the Unicorn Mart for 100 gil, and since the Gapra Whitewood presents enemies able to inflict poison to the party they can be found in chests during Chapter 5. Antidotes can be sold for 50 gil. They tend to fall into disuse once Esuna has been learned, however, using items may be faster than shifting paradigms and casting spells.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

Removes Poison from one ally.

Antidotes remove poison from an ally. They are fairly useless as the player can simply cast Esuna or use the Remedy to cure poisoning. They can be bought from Chocolina for 100 gil and can be sold for 50 gil.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

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Final Fantasy XV Edit

A refreshing herbal drink that takes on curative properties by way of Noctis's powers. Cures poison.

Antidote cures the Poison status. They are bought from shops for 50 gil. When used as Elemancy catalyst, they add the Venomcast effect.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

Use an antidote to nullify poison.

Antidote may be bought for 50 gil in all shops after finishing the battle at the Magick City of Gariland. It may also be dropped from the Red Panther and Black Goblin enemies and sometimes found with the Treasure Hunter ability on the battlefields. Chemists can use the Antidote is an ability for 70 JP. It is one of the first abilities a Chemist can learn.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

This potion is an antidote to most forms of poison.

Antidote may be bought in all item shops for 50 gil.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

Antidote can be bought in every item shop for 50 gil.

Final Fantasy Adventure Edit

Pure can be bought for 30 GP. It removes the Pois status and has three uses.

The Final Fantasy Legend Edit

Antidote can be bought for 100 GP. It removes the condition of Poison from a party member and it has three uses.

Final Fantasy Legend III Edit

Antedot heals the Pois status. It can be bought for 200 GP at Cirrus, Darius, Dharm, Donmac, Elan (Past and Future), Floatland Town, Knaya, Muu (Past, Present, and Future), and New Dharm.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Edit

Antidote can be bought for 20 G in Guera, Urbeth, and Arbor, as well as dropped from Cu Sith. Two can be found in Guera while one more is found in Invidia.

Bravely Default Edit

At the bottom of these leaves is herbal medicine containing poisonal, a substance that instantly counteracts almost all forms of poison in the body. It tastes as bitter as drinking poison.

Antidote relieves the target of poison. It can be bought from Caldisla, Ancheim, Comrade, Florem, Grandship, Hartschild, Starkfort, Eternia, Adventurer (Norende Village Trader Shop Lv. 2) for 10 pg. It can be found in Caldisla and Lontano Villa, dropped and stolen from the Comrade, and as a reward for tutorial quests.

When used in compounding:

  • Antidote + Antidote = Antidote
  • Antidote + Remedy = Remedy
  • Antidote + Elixir = Elixir
  • Antidote + Megalixir = Megalixir
  • Antidote + Potion, Hi-Potion, or X-Potion = Cure Poison
  • Antidote + Ether or Turbo Ether = Resist Poison
  • Antidote + Phoenix Down, Eye Drops, Echo Herbs, Wakeup Bell, or Balsam = Smelling Salts

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

The Antidote can be used to cure Poison or Toxicity, and may be purchased from item shops for 40 gil.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Edit

A physic that neutralizes poisons within the body. Effective against a wide variety of toxins, it is an essential for those who come in regular contact with venomous beasts or treacherous poison-wielding foes. Adventurers are encouraged to always keep an ample supply, as healers capable of curing poison with magic are few and far between.
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World of Final Fantasy Edit

SINGLE: Removes poison.
Effect Cures Poison for a single target.
Buy Chocolatte Mart, Underground Prison Shop
Find Pyreglow Forest
Drop Bihydra, Copper Gnome, Dualizard, Mandragora, Sandicore
Cost 100 gil

Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Edit

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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Edit

Antidote can be bought and cures Poison.

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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

An antidote is a substance which can counteract a form of poisoning.

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