Antares is an insect/mantis-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Salikawood. Like other mantises, Antares can use Cannibalize, but instead of feeding of others of its type, it eats green and brown chocobos to raise its level. They have the Metal Jerkin as a rare steal.

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Being a variety of mantis living primarily in large forests. Known for its insatiable appetite, this voracious beast can consume up to five times its own weight in the space of a single day. It dines primarily on creatures of middling size, such as chocobos. Known to hide among stands of white trees, there to wait in ambush for its prey.

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Antares is another name of the star Alpha Scorpii located in the constellation Scorpio, named from Greek meaning "against Ares" due to its red coloration similar to the planet Mars. In the religion of Stregheria and in some translations of the Book of Enoch, Antares is a fallen angel.

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