Another Realm is a time-limited event where Alisaie from Final Fantasy XIV can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 11.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Mistress of Sword and Sorcery:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 11: Dimensions' Labyrinth before playing.

  • Yuffie: Hey, those monster sounds were coming from this way, right?
  • Yuffie: Ack!
  • Yuffie: Uh-oh! Hurry it up, guys!
  • Wakka: Take it easy, Yuffie! Running in headlong on your own won't do no good, ya?

(The party spots Alisaie surrounded by enemies)

  • Rem: Oh no! That girl is surrounded!
  • Wakka: ...Aw, geez! We gotta hurry!
  • Yuffie: That's what I've been saying!
  • Lamia: Grrr... Hisss!
  • ???: ......
  • Lamia: Grrr... Hisss!

(Alisaie defeats the Lamia, and finishes the battle)

  • ???: ...Phew.

(The party runs to Alisaie)

  • Rem: Did you just...beat all those monsters by yourself!?
  • ???: It would appear that way, wouldn't it?
  • Wakka: All at once, too! That's some trick!
  • Yuffie: Even I can tell, you're something else!
  • ???: ...Are you from around here?
  • Rem: No, we're traveling together.
  • ???: Hm. The same as me, then.
  • Wakka: You're traveling alone!? Even with all these monsters!?
  • Yuffie: If you're asking us, that means you ain't from around here either.
  • ???: I have tread my fair share of foreign lands.
  • Wakka: That doesn't make it any safer. Why don't you come with us?
  • ???: Are you asking me out? Regardless, I will have to pass.
  • ???: I haven't the time to fraternize with strangers.
  • ???: ...Furthermore, I have mine own companions.
  • ???: Should we meet again, though, let us work together at that time.

(Alisaie leaves; Lilisette arrives)

  • Yuffie: Ah, well... There she goes. Bummer.
  • Lilisette: Huh? You defeated them all already?
  • Wakka: Nope. We didn't do a thing.
  • Rem: There was a girl surrounded by monsters who effortlessly beat them all with both magic and her sword.
  • Yuffie: Man, I coulda taken it easy with her on our team...
  • Lilisette: Is that so...? With all the amazing companions I've met, I shouldn't be surprised to meet another.
  • Lilisette: But I'm really curious if she's impressed all of you this much.
I Am Who I Am:
  • ???: ...Ungh! I let my guard down.
  • Thancred: That'll be enough of that now.

(Thancred jumps to the rescue and defeats the Gaelicat)

  • ???: ...You have my thanks, Thancred. You've saved me again.
  • Thancred: Is that... Lady Alisaie!?
  • Alisaie: ..."Lady"?

(The party joins Alisaie and Thancred)

  • Zidane: Here I was expecting a tough-as-nails warrior woman, but if it isn't a pretty little lady!
  • Jecht: So this is the kid with the amazing sword and magic powers?
  • Thancred: No, Yuffie and the others must have meant someone else. This is—
  • Alisaie: My name is Alisaie. I am a companion of Thancred.
  • Thancred: Milady...?
  • Alisaie: And I suppose you are companions of those whom I met earlier.

(Alisaie defeats a Thunder Flan)

  • Jecht: Yup, if you're the one Yuffie was going on about.
  • Zidane: ...Nasty attack. Maybe I spoke too soon about the tough-as-nails part.
  • Yda: I never imagined we'd run into you here, though. It's such a relief to know you're safe, Lady Alisaie.
  • Alisaie: ...Yda?
  • Yda: Hm? Yes? Y'shtola and Papalymo are here, too, you know!
  • Alisaie: I-I see...
  • Alisaie: At any rate, I am also glad to see you all hale.
  • Alisaie: But more importantly...please stop with the "Lady Alisaie."
  • Alisaie: I may be the granddaughter of Louisoix, but I am here as myself.
  • Yda: ...If you insist. Then..."Miss" Alisaie?
  • Alisaie: That is just as much a mouthful. "Alisaie" alone will be fine, thank you.
  • Yda: Alrighty! Alisaie it is!
  • Alisaie: So, I understand you're on a journey. Would you mind explaining to me of what sort?

  • Zidane: ...And that's how it is. Was that too much all at once?
  • Alisaie: Thank you. I believe I have the gist of it.
  • Alisaie: Though equal parts may have escaped my grasp.
  • Alisaie: In short, if we do not act, our own world will be in grave danger as well, yes?
  • Alisaie: Although I declined your offer once for mine own convenience, would you still let me join you?
  • Jecht: I don't see why not.
  • Alisaie: Haha, how easily I am accepted.
  • Jecht: You're pals with Yda, right? Ain't that good enough?
  • Mog: Let's give a warm welcome to another warrior who shares our will, kupo!
  • Alisaie: Another warrior... Thancred and Yda, you two also share this will?
  • Thancred: You could say that.
  • Alisaie: It has a nice ring to it.
  • Thancred: I'd say so.
  • Alisaie: Very well. It is my pleasure to share it, too.
Seeking Answers:
  • Alisaie: ......
  • Serah: Is something off?

(Serah and Lilisette arrive)

  • Alisaie: ...It is. I cannot shake this peculiar feeling.
  • Alisaie: Although they are my companions with whom I journeyed as Scions of the Seventh Dawn, I cannot say they are the same...
  • Alisaie: But if I were forced to put a point on it, I sense I am the one who is out of step.
  • Lilisette: It's a common occurrence in this world.
  • Alisaie: Then I can assume the two of you have this sense as well?
  • Serah: Yup, though I've gotten used to it...
  • Serah: You think Alisaie comes from a different time from the others?
  • Lilisette: You think? Probably the past, or the future...
  • Alisaie: ...I see. So that's normal in this realm.
  • Alisaie: Phew... It boggles the mind.
  • Lilisette: Hmmm, "normal" might not be quite it, but I guess it's good enough.
  • Serah: Right. My sister here is from the past...
  • Serah: But she's still my sister.
  • Alisaie: I can go along with that.
  • Alisaie: There may be discrepancies in our memories, but it doesn't change my trust in them.
  • Serah: They're a reliable bunch.
  • Alisaie: And in its own way, this might be the more fortunate realm...
  • Serah: ...I've thought the same at times. It's a happier place than the future I'm from...
  • Alisaie: I see... And yet... No, let us leave off these thoughts.
  • Alisaie: My brother is the one more suited to contemplating these things. I'm on my journey to find answers.

(Lightning, Shantotto, and Prishe arrive)

  • Lightning: Serah, here you are. This is how you'll end up separated from the rest of us.
  • Serah: Oh, give it a rest, Sis.
  • Alisaie: Haha, how reliable.
  • Serah: She's always been like this.
  • Alisaie: Well, let's be on our way before we worry your sister any further.
  • Prishe: You guys really will get lost if you just run around willy-nilly.
  • Shantotto: Hearing that from you somehow strikes me as rather silly.
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