Clever and curious twins who make their home─and a nuisance of themselves─in the village of Komra. They are determined that the Warrior of Darkness help bring their master plan to fruition...whatever that may be.

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Anogg and Konogg are non-player characters from Final Fantasy XIV. They appears in the Shadowbringers expansion as relevant characters for the YoRHa:Dark Apocalypse alliance raids' storyline.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

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Story[edit | edit source]

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Anogg and Konogg are initially seen discussing and help chase and capture a group of watchman triplets who were stealing tools. Subsequently, Anogg and Konogg spent enough time without bothering the excavation site boss, and he was concerned that they were up to something behind his back.

Warrior of Darkness meets Anogg and Konogg before the now unprotected entrance to the Machine Graveyard. They regret that the door remains locked, but soon blow up the entrance. Inside the tunnels, the party rescues a woman from a group of mysterious machines. The mysterious woman in white identifies herself as “2P,” but gives no further details, instead insisting that you delve deeper into the ruins to stop the “machine lifeforms”.

Anogg, Konogg and 2P.

Once again the group faces a sealed door and the dwarf duo explode again to make way for The Copied Factory. Exploring the Factory, the party is attacked by various hacked machines by an android called 9S. 2P manages to throw 9S off the platform but ends up damaging, 2P reveals the she is an android and asks the party to retrieve a "key" in the depths of the ruins before losing consciousness.

Anogg rushes off to chase the key, Konogg attempts to dissuade her from rushing headlong into danger at 2P's behest, making the rather astute observation that you hardly know her and you definitely do not know her true intentions. Anogg, however, refuses to consider that he may have a point, and insists upon cooperation with the android, believing it to be the most expedient means of making even greater discoveries.

In disagreement, the twin dwarves perform their separate searches and with the help of the Warrior of Darkness collect components and restore a fallen pod. They discover unconscious 9S and decide to keep 9S intact until he wakes up again.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

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