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Anne is fought first as the last boss of Chapter 4 in Bravely Second: End Layer.



While not exactly difficult, she has a tricky arsenal of attacks that can make the battle complicated. She normally assaults the party with The Pointy End which is a normal attack with her lance. However, she will recurrently use Now You See Me and hide alongside five copies. If a copy is attacked, it will result in an I'm Over Here counter to whoever failed to find the true one.

If one simultaneously attacks all of them, the character will be assaulted with a full barrage of counters, easily resulting in death without strong physical defense or the required buffs. While her camouflage can fool even Examine, it is not completely foolproof, if Anne has any continuous condition (a buff, debuff or status ailment) the player can easily check which of them has the condition and thus find the true one. During this time, she uses You Sicken Me, to hit the whole party with a strong physical attack which also inflicts Poison. However, it requires extra BP so she will likely be on the negative for at least a turn, which can be used to recover and remove Poison. If one has no full immunity to Poison, they can use Freelancer's Halfsies to provide the whole party with an Antidote.

Anne will occasionally cast Superbia, dispelling the party's buffs, while granting herself massive boosts in both her offensive and defensive stats. However, this makes it easier to identify her from her copies. Also Superbia does not dispel buffs from other categories, like the ones provided by the Fencer job which are left intact.


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