Final Fantasy Wiki
Animating Wail
MP 53
Effect 15% Haste
Duration 5 min
Casting Time 2 sec
Recast Time 45 sec
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Wind
Jobs Blue Mage

Animating Wail (鯨波, Keiha?) is a Blue Mage spell that is learned from Qutrub. It increases attack speed for 5 minutes. It is self-cast only, but can be spread to other party members when cast after Diffusion. It costs 5 Blue Magic Points to set. When set, it grants HP +20. It takes 2 seconds to cast and can be recast every 45 seconds. When set along with Blazing Bound, the Blue Mage gains the Dual Wield trait.

It is also an enemy ability that increases attack speed. It is used by the Qutrub family.