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Animated Hammer FFXI

Animated Weapons spawn in Dynamis - Xarcabard in Final Fantasy XI drop an item used for the final Relic Weapon upgrade.

The weapons are active as soon as players enter the zone; however, these versions will not drop any items. After defeating the 15 Demon Notorious Monsters in Dynamis - Xarcabard, players can face the real Animated Weapons to spawn. This version is the only type that will drop its fragment.

When aggroed, each Animated Weapon will spawn several Satellite weapons to assist it. These summons are immune to Sleep, are susceptible to Lullaby, and will buff and cure the main Animated Weapon.

Throughout the fight, the Animated Weapon will talk and emote, telling players how impressed or bored it is. The determination of which is dependent on how it's being fought. If it loses too much interest, it will cast Warp upon itself. If it finishes casting, it will despawn without dropping anything.

When the Animated Weapon warps or dies, its summons will despawn.

The Animated Weapons in Aht Urhgan were forged by King Goldemar and are summoned one by one by him to assist during battle.

Notorious monstersEdit

  • Animated Claymore
  • Animated Dagger
  • Animated Great Axe
  • Animated Gun
  • Animated Hammer
  • Animated Horn
  • Animated Knuckles
  • Animated Kunai
  • Animated Longbow
  • Animated Longsword
  • Animated Scythe
  • Animated Shield
  • Animated Spear
  • Animated Staff
  • Animated Tabar
  • Animated Tachi
  • Bloody Daggers
  • Cursed Axe
  • Demonic Rod
  • Living Staves
  • Magic Shields
  • Satellite Claymores
  • Satellite Daggers
  • Satellite Great Axes
  • Satellite Guns
  • Satellite Hammers
  • Satellite Horns
  • Satellite Knuckles
  • Satellite Kunai
  • Satellite Longbows
  • Satellite Longswords
  • Satellite Scythes
  • Satellite Shields
  • Satellite Spears
  • Satellite Staves
  • Satellite Tabars
  • Satellite Tachi

Special attacksEdit

Animated Weapons have varying abilities and attributes based on what type of weapon they are.

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