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Nightingale, one of the Animals abilities (GBA).

Gain the aid of woodland friends.


FFV Animals Icon iOS.png Animals (どうぶつ, Dōbutsu?), also called Critt, is a command in Final Fantasy V. It is the level 1 ability of the Ranger, and calls a creature to assist the party. The triggered effect is random, but more animals become available as the character levels up. In the chart below, the level column refers to the minimum level at which it is possible for a character to call that animal. For example, the Unicorn will never appear unless the character is at level 60 or higher.

The animal to be called is determined by a random number the game generates between 0 (inclusive) and the character's level (inclusive). If the number is 0, it triggers Mysidian Rabbit. If the number is greater than 0 but less than 5, it triggers the Squirrel. If the number is greater than 4 but less than 10, it triggers the Bee Swarm, if it is greater than 9 but less than 20, it triggers the Nightingale, and so on for every later creature, meaning that the chance of lower level animals being called is smaller at higher levels. If the player were to level up all the way to level 99, the chance of getting the Unicorn would be high, as any random number between 60 (inclusive) and 99 (inclusive) would call the Unicorn.


Animal Level Effect Image
Mysidian Rabbit
(Mindia Rabbit)
N/A Nothing happens. FFVA Mysidian Rabbit.png
Squirrel 1 Weak attack to a single enemy, does not affect flying/floating enemies. Squirrel.png
Bee Swarm 5 Attacks all enemies, damage is based on the level of the target(s). Bee Swarm.png
Nightingale 10 Heals HP and cures Blind and Poison. FFV iOS Animals - Nightingale.png
Flying Squirrel
20 Paralyzes all enemies. Flying Squirrel.png
Falcon 30 Damages a single enemy equal to 1/4 of their current HP. FalconFFV.png
Skunk 40 Blinds and Poisons all enemies. Skunk.png
Wild Boar 50 Deals heavy damage to a single enemy, does not affect flying/floating enemies. Wild BoarFFV.png
Unicorn 60 Completely restores HP and MP of the entire party. FFVA Unicorn.png

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