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The Animal Staff.

Turns people into animals.

Animal Staff's description.

The Animal Staff (動物の杖, Doubutsu no Tsue?) is a key item in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light which is found within the Great Tree Roots. The staff is later enhanced into the Transformation Staff (変化の杖, Henka no Tsue?). The staff lets the player transform the characters into animals. Turning into an animal is required to advance the plot on a few occasions. Brandt turns into a gray dog, Aire into a white cat, Yunita into a brown and white rabbit, Jusqua into a black rooster, Rekoteh into a blue cat, and Rolan into a purple dog.


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Party as animals.

The staff is first found beneath Arbor by Aire and Torte, who are looking for a way to cure Brandt from a curse that turned him into a plant. After finding the Animal Staff, they manage to turn Brandt into a dog, thus saving him. After helping Queen Arbor on an errand, the queen transforms the Animal Staff into the Transformation Staff that lets the heroes switch form between animal and human at will.

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Allows you to change into an animal, whenever you want. Can be used from the Menu.

Transformation Staff description.

If the characters enter battle in their animal forms, they retain their items and commands, but their weapons are not visible. As animals, the player characters can converse with the non-playable animals found in towns, such as the seagulls in Liberte.

In animal form, Strength, Intellect, and Spirit are decreased to 70% of their original values. The Beastmaster's special ability causes the player's characters to become stronger when they are in animal form, doubling the power of all allies making their Strength, Intellect, and Spirit 40% more than in human form.