Feel my pain! Come, Anima!


Anima is a boss summoned by Seymour Guado during the first battle against him. After she is defeated, the battle against Seymour will continue. If the player acquires her as a summon for Yuna, Anima is also fought in Remiem Temple in a contest of aeons, and during the final battles.

In the first battle against Seymour, if the player defeats him with the first spell of a Doublecast and the second deals 6,000 or more damage, Seymour won't summon Anima and the game will glitch.

Stats[edit | edit source]


Remiem Temple


Battle[edit | edit source]

Anima's Pain attack causes Instant Death. She alternates between using Pain and Boost. When she uses Boost, it does not increase the rate of her Overdrive charging (which is a fixed amount every time she gets a turn or is attacked), but she does still take extra damage until her next turn.

The damage inflicted by Pain is magical, but is unaffected by Magic Defense. Therefore, it will always be between 459 and 518, before taking into account protections such as Shell. Damage from Anima's Overdrive, Oblivion, is mitigated by the party's Defense stat.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

In the battle against Seymour, it is best to take Tidus's advice and summon Shiva (presented as "????" at this stage), as aeons are immune to Instant Death and only suffer damage. Shiva should shield against Anima's Pain and heal using Ice spells until she has a full Overdrive gauge.

Diamond Dust will potentially do near max damage to Anima. The player should aim to keep Shiva alive until Anima unleashes Oblivion; just before Oblivion is launched, Shiva should use Shield. After that, one needs simply attack until Anima is dismissed by Seymour. If Yuna can use Grand Summon and call Shiva with a full Overdrive gauge at the start, this part of the battle will go quicker.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Seymour and Anima are the first two enemies that can drop four-slotted equipment.

Like with Yuna's Anima, in the PAL, International and HD versions, Anima's Oblivion deals 16 hits instead of one single hit, but the total damage is reduced to approximately 85.3% of the original amount.

Anima has three dummied attacks, which are variants of a plain physical attack, but with perfect accuracy and no capability of scoring a critical hit. Each one inflicts either Sleep, Silence or Darkness for two turns with a 100% infliction chance.

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