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Serah told us to save Cocoon. That means this thing needs to die!

Anima is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII and is the first fal'Cie the party faces. It is fought by Lightning, Snow, and Sazh in the heart of the Pulse Vestige.

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Battle Edit

Anima is fought with two manipulators, which defend it if the player directly attacks it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to destroy both manipulators when possible, as it takes Anima a long time to regenerate them, during which it is defenseless. One can also use that time to heal the party.

AI script Edit

Turn 1 - Attack
(HP < 1150 = Turn 1 - Magical Projection)
(Right Manipulator + Left Manipulator HP = 0 - Initiating Regeneration)

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Trivia Edit

  • Anima has the highest level of all Final Fantasy XIII enemies. However, since levels are solely for determining TP gain, and determining whether the enemy is immune to Random: Instant Chain or not, it means nothing, especially since the party possesses no TP or Random: Instant Chain at the time they fight Anima. This could be considered ironic, as the term "Level" is most often used in RPGs to denote the overall strength of the unit in question, yet Anima is among the weakest bosses in the game.
  • A purple palette swap of Anima, called Nemesis, was once planned as a DLC boss for the game. Its design was later used in making Proto fal'Cie Adam in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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