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Angel Whisper in Final Fantasy VII.

Angelic sigh. Heals HP and bestows auto-raise.

Angel Whisper (天使のささやき, Tenshi no Sasayaki?) is a Blue Magic spell appearing in several games. When it appears, the player must manipulate the enemy that uses it to cast it on a party member which can learn it.


Final Fantasy VII[]

The angel from Angel Whisper spell.

Angel Whisper is an enemy ability used by Pollensalta who is fought in the Northern Cave when the player picks the right path at the junction. It restores a target to maximum HP and removes a number of status ailments. It also connects with characters in the Death status, allowing them to be revived.

Angel Whisper can be Learned as an Enemy Skill. The player must use Manipulate to learn it as Pollensalta will never use Angel Whisper on the player party by choice. It costs 50 MP to cast.

Curiously, the Angel Whisper is able to revive dead enemies if issued before the target's demise.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Angel Whisper is a Blue Mage spell acquired by beating 30 Masked Carnivale stages, it is similarly in function to the Raise spell, resurrecting a target to a weakened state, it however has a long recast time of 300 seconds, different from the usual raise abilities which normally only have a long cast time.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Angel Whisper is an ability learned from Titanias as a Blue Magic skill, when is used it can bestow Auto-Life and heal a moderate amount of HP to the caster or an ally up to three spaces away at the cost of 24 MP. It has a Magic Power of 30 and is Holy elemental. The spell cannot be reflected.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Angel Whisper is an ability learned from the Sprite enemies, mainly the Banshee, it bestows the reraise status and heals a small amount of HP to another target character. It can be learned by the Blue Mage and costs 32 MP to cast with a range of 3. It is of note that this spell cannot be cast on the user at all.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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