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The owner of—and dancer at—the Honeybee Inn. A man of influence within the quarter, he has the authority to approve women for Corneo's auditions. Each night, he dazzles his crowds with performances that defy description. Always in search of perfection, he rigorously trains both his body and mind.

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Andrea Rhodea is a minor supporting character in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He is the owner and lead dancer at the Honeybee Inn in the Wall Market district of Sector 6, and the older brother of Jules.[1] He is also a member of the Trio—a group of high-profile figures who act as scouts for Don Corneo's nightly bridal auditions, having a great deal of influence regarding potential candidates.


Before Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

For an unspecified amount of time, Andrea has worked under Don Corneo, endorsing candidates for the mafioso's "bridal auditions" while also operating the Honeybee Inn—a members-only nightclub that offers various forms of entertainment. Clients need an appointment to meet Andrea as his waiting list exceeds three years.[2]

Remake continuity[]

During "The Town That Never Sleeps", Cloud and Aerith went to the Honeybee Inn, but were denied a meeting with Andrea as he rarely extended invites.[2] Later in the night, he attended the Corneo Cup at the Corneo Colosseum accompanied by a group of honeygirls. He was impressed by Cloud’s battle prowess and developed an interest in him, much to Madam M’s surprise. When she asked what he was planning, Andrea grinned but didn't answer.[3] Sometime later, relayed his plan to Madam M where Cloud would gain his approval and be entered into Corneo's audition.[4]

Honey Bee Inn from FFVII Remake

Andrea dancing with Cloud.

Cloud and Aerith returned to the Honeybee Inn on request and were directed to the stage in the back. Andrea made a flashy entrance, welcomed Cloud to the inn, brought him onstage, and they engaged in a dance-off. Impressed by Cloud’s moves, he gave him an endorsement and makeover on the spot, thus granting him entry in Corneo's audition.[4] During the audition, Andrea conspired with Leslie, Corneo's disloyal lackey, to smuggle Cloud and his friends' items to them, which ultimately helped them against Corneo.[5]

During "A Broken World", in the aftermath of the Sector 7 plate collapse, Andrea spoke with Cloud and asked if he succeeded in his mission. Cloud affirmed and thanked him for his help to which Andrea responded "never let it go". He then needed to prepare for his next show.[6]

During "In Search of Hope", Cloud, Tifa, and Barret encountered Andrea training at the gym, doing pull-ups. He greeted them, complimented Tifa’s athletic physique and challenged her to a pull-up competition, commencing "Wavering Heart". Tifa bested Andrea who commended her, noting that her fiery passion pushed him to his limits, relieved him of stress and fatigue, and added that he'll be taking the stage that night in the best condition of his life. He honorably offered her a place alongside him on stage someday.[7]



Andrea Rhodea

Andrea takes great pride in his appearance.

Andrea is a middle-aged man with a slim and athletic physique. He has fair skin, short and shaved dark brown hair, a trimmed goatee, and gray eyes. He wears a silk and flashy deep purple and gold getup with a fluffy raised collar and polished black dress shoes. His outfit is themed around a honeybee—the icon of the Honeybee Inn—and features designs resembling webbing and wings.


Andrea is a flamboyant man who appreciates beauty, believing it transcends gender.[4] He enjoys entertaining and incorporates a flair of showmanship into everything he does. He welcomes a challenge and vigorously trains his body and spirit regularly in pursuit of supreme beauty and perfection, admiring those who challenge themselves, praising Tifa for her well-trained physique.[7] Despite his entertainer persona and his love for being in the spotlight, he tends to be reserved when off the stage.

Andrea is a member of Corneo's esteemed Trio, but appears to dislike him. After taking an interest in Cloud upon seeing his battle prowess, he was willing to help with Cloud's intentions to eliminate Corneo.[note 1]


Andrea first appears in the quest "Aerith's Plan" in chapter 9, "The Town That Never Sleeps". Cloud must complete a dance minigame to win his approval to get a makeover. If the player does especially well in the dancing minigame, they also get Andrea's Earrings key item for Cloud to wear in his new getup.

Andrea Rhodea doing pull-ups in the gym from FFVII Remake

Andrea at the gym.

Later in chapter 14, "In Search of Hope", Andrea challenges Tifa to the Pull-Ups minigame in the quest "Wavering Heart". Andrea competes at amateur level difficulty, and beating him unlocks the higher difficulty challenges. Once beaten, he is replaced with Ronnie.

Behind the scenes[]

Andrea Rhodea was one of the three characters introduced as Don Corneo's henchmen, with the goal of portraying Corneo as a real-life mafia boss, who has power in the underworld with henchmen to do his dirty work.[8]

Before settling on the dance-off scene, one idea for setting Cloud's makeover into motion was closer to some parts of the original game, where Andrea would meet Cloud in a bathhouse. Impressed with his physique after giving him a massage, he would want to give Cloud a makeover. This idea overlapped with Madam M, however.[9]


Rhodea is voiced in Japanese by Tomokazu Sugita, who previously voiced King in Final Fantasy Type-0, and in English by Trevor Devall, who previously voiced Ravus Nox Fleuret in Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.




  1. Andrea required no explanation for why Cloud wanted his help with crossdressing, saying simply, "I understand".[4] Later, during Cloud and Aerith's plight to rescue Tifa, he delivered their items through Leslie. Finally, when speaking to him after the fact, he asks Cloud if his mission was successful.[6]