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The Ancients' Maze is a location in Final Fantasy III. It houses the Earth Crystal, guarded by the Titan. The maze circles around the Crystal Tower, preventing any access to it other than through the Maze itself. It is one of the last dungeons in the game, and thus, contains really powerful enemies.


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Earth Crystal.

As the Warriors of the Light head towards the Crystal Tower, they must pass through the Ancients' Maze first. There, they face Titan, Xande's envoy to corrupt the Earth Crystal. After defeating the monster, they are rewarded with the Earth Crystal's blessing.

After this, the Warriors return to their journey to the Crystal Tower.

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Item Location
Elixir First Area
Lilith's Kiss Second Area
Crystal Shield Second Area
Crystal Mail Second Area
White Musk Second Area
Crystal Gloves Second Area
Crystal Helm Third Area
Break Blade Third Area
Phoenix Down Third Area
Chocobo's Wrath Third Area
Dual Haken Third Area
Phoenix Down Fourth Area
Protect Ring Fourth Area
Holy Lance Fifth Area
Hellish Claws Fifth Area


Battle background[]


Musical themes[]

"The Altar Cave" is the background music that plays inside the Ancients' Maze, while "Room of the Crystal" plays at the Earth Crystal chamber.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The Ancients' Maze appears as a Core dungeon.