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The Ancient Ruins is a location in Final Fantasy III situated west of Saronia. It is of Ancient origin and is the resting spot of the airship Invincible.


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After waking up Unei at her shrine, the Warriors of Light head to the Ancient Ruins, where the airship Invincible can be found.

Only with the help of Unei's powerful sorcery, the Warriors are able to make way into the depths of the ruins, and discover the Ancients' greatest airship.

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Shops and an inn can be found beyond the second door found on B1.

The inn charges 200 gil.

Weapons Shop[]

Name Cost
Famicom Remake
Blood Sword 16,500 gil N/A
Defender 16,500 gil 28,000 gil
Triton Hammer 20,000 gil N/A
Tomahawk 20,000 gil N/A
Ancient Sword 16,500 gil N/A
Blood Lance N/A 28,000 gil
Medusa Arrow N/A 300 gil

Armor Shop[]

Name Cost
Famicom Remake
Diamond Shield 18,000 gil
Diamond Helm 20,000 gil 18,000 gil
Diamond Armor 33,000 gil 32,000 gil
Diamond Bracers 10,000 gil
Diamond Gloves 15,000 gil 10,000 gil
White Robe N/A 27,000 gil
Black Robe N/A 27,000 gil

Item Shop[]

Name Cost
Famicom Remake
Hi-Potion 1,200 gil 600 gil
Gold Needle 300 gil 100 gil
Maiden's Kiss 100 gil
Echo Herbs 100 gil
Mallet 100 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Gysahl Greens 150 gil


Item Location
Reflect Mail First room on B1
Black Belt Gi Southwestern room on B2
Chakra Band Southeastern room on B2
Faerie Claws Northeastern room on B2
Rune Bell Northwestern room on B2


Battle background.

Musical themes[]

"Dungeons" is the background music that plays inside the Ancient Ruins.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The Ancient Ruins appears as a Core dungeon.