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The Ancient Castle is a ruined castle buried between Kohlingen and South Figaro in Final Fantasy VI. It is accessible once the Falcon has been obtained. While traveling beneath the sands, the man responsible for Figaro's dive engine will mention they stumbled upon something; the player should decline further movement and go to the prison cells where the cell on the far right will provide the entrance to the Cavern to the Ancient Castle. Many enemies in the area automatically have Reflect status and high Magic Defense.

Story Edit

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FFVI IOS Odin Zantetsuken

Odin's Zantetsuken

The castle was attacked during the War of the Magi, and in the heat of the battle, the only esper left to fight was Odin. He engaged the enemy army and felled several soldiers with Zantetsuken, but an unnamed sorcerer engaged him, and Zantetsuken failed. Odin was petrified and the castle was defeated. The Queen of the Ancient Castle was also petrified in the basement in the castle's east wing. She loved Odin, a forbidden love due to it being between a human and an esper, but vowed to confess her feelings to him once the war was over. Over the years the castle sank into the ground.

FFVI Android Queen Diary Terra

Terra's reaction to the Queen's diary.

The party can run into the castle by accident when burrowing the Figaro Castle and come upon the queen's and Odin's petrified remains, obtaining Odin's magicite. They can discover the queen's diary to find out what happened.

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Quests Edit

Odin and Raiden Edit

FFVI Android Obtaining Odin Magicite

Obtaining the Odin magicite.

FFVI Android Ancient Castle Queen Stone

The Queen petrified.

The player can touch Odin's remains to obtain him as magicite. A hidden switch on the fifth step before the throne reveals a staircase into the dungeon, where the queen's petrified remains can be found. A diary in the east wing reveals her feelings for Odin. Inspecting the queen's remains causes the statue to shed a tear which transforms Odin into Raiden.

Blue Dragon Edit

The Blue Dragon, one of the eight legendary dragons, is found in the dungeon.

Items Edit

Cave area

Castle area

Enemies Edit

In cave
Outside castle
Inside castle

The east wing doesn't have random encounters.

Musical themes Edit

"The Serpent Trench" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - The Serpent Trench

"The Serpent Trench" is the background theme of the Ancient Castle.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

FFAB Ancient Castle FFVI Special
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

The Ancient Castle appears as a Core dungeon.

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Trivia Edit

  • The queen is referred to as a princess in the Japanese version.
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