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Anaklaban is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Wild Beauties hunt.


A white-tinged anak almost genetically identical to her brethren. Her unique color is a byproduct of her environment that works in her favor when looking for a mate. Hunters view her presence as a threat, however, as males become aggressive while vying for her affection—with some inadvertently lashing out at humans.
Size: 21.75 ft. Weight: 5.08 t


Wild BeautiesHammerhead3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Anaklaban x3The Weaverwilds (Daytime)223,350 gil, Megalixir★★



Anaklaban are weak to greatswords, polearms and lightning. They attack by swinging their long necks from side to side. When attacked from behind they may kick back or leap away. They attack those in front of them with their hooves (can be blocked and parried).


Throwing Thunder elemancy at the herd is a good way to start off the battle. The player can lock onto the anaklaban's head an warp-strike from a distance to hopefully break off the antlers and make the mark more vulnerable to damage. The anaklabans' attacks easily stagger Noctis, so he may be continually falling over if left in the middle of the pack.


Anak is a figure in the Hebrew Bible in the conquest of Canaan by the Israelites who, according to the Book of Numbers, was a forefather of the Anakim who have been considered "strong and tall", they were also said to have been a mixed race of giant people, descendants of the Nephilim.

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