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Amur is a town in Final Fantasy III where the party wakes up after defeating the Kraken. The Levigrass Shoes can be found in its sewers.

The Inn here charges 200 gil, and there is a Revive Wellspring. The player can also play the piano here.


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After the events at the Cave of Tides, the Warriors of the Light wake up at the Inn at Amur. They find their Enterprise has been chained to the shore, and its key is in the hands of Goldor. To reach him at his manor they must cross the bottomless bog to the south of Amur, and for that they need the Levigrass Shoes.

Meanwhile, Fellows who think of themselves as the real Warriors of the Light discover this and plan on obtaining the airship first. Thus, they all head to the Sewers, where the Levigrass Shoes' owner, Delilah, lives.

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Item Shop[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Potion N/A 50 gil
Hi-Potion 1,200 gil 600 gil
Gold Needle 300 gil 100 gil
Maiden's Kiss 100 gil N/A
Echo Herbs 100 gil
Gysahl Greens 150 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Mallet 100 gil N/A

Weapons Shop[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Battleaxe 5,000 gil 7,400 gil
Morning Star 8,000 gil N/A
Main Gauche 7,000 gil
Thunder Spear N/A 8,000 gil
Selene Bow N/A 16,000 gil
Boomerang N/A 9,000 gil
Iron Arrow N/A 8 gil
Holy Arrow N/A 12 gil
Madhura Harp N/A 10,000 gil
Kaiser Knuckles 7,000 gil N/A

Armor Shop[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Viking Helm 3,000 gil 5,500 gil
Viking Mail 4,000 gil 8,000 gil
Heroic Shield 3,500 gil
Thief Gloves 2,500 gil
Black Garb 3,800 gil 5,000 gil
Black Cowl 2,000 gil 4,000 gil
Black Belt Gi 3,800 gil 6,000 gil
Chakra Band 3,800 gil 4,500 gil


Item Location
Gysahl Greens x4 Plantation
Black Garb Island on the outskirts
Black Cowl Island on the outskirts
Thief Gloves Island on the outskirts


Note: Enemies are only encountered outside of the town.

Musical themes[]

The background theme that plays at Amur is known as either "Town of Water" or "Amur" (アムルの街, Amuru no Machi?, lit. Town of Amur).