Amphisbaena is a boss in Bravely Second: End Layer. It is the final boss of Chapter 1 and can be found in Grand Mill Works. It is catalogued in Yew's Diary.

Design Edit

Amphisbaena is a large two-headed salamander-like creature.

It has grayish-white skin and its feet, hands, and mouth are pink-tipped. The Amphisbaena has a flat triangular head and two light purple eyes that have no pupils. It has two heads on each end of its body. It has two visible feet and four hands, two for each head.

Abilities Edit

Name Description
Absorb M. Damage Head 1 absorbs magical attacks, but is vulnerable to physical attacks. It restores HP equal to 25% of the damage taken from a magic attack.
Absorb P. Damage Head 2 absorbs physical attacks, but is vulnerable to magical attacks. It restores HP equal to 30% of the damage taken from a physical attack.
Bite Deals the same damage as a conventional attack, but has a chance to cause the status ailment poison to one target.
Poison Breath Deals damage and has a possibility of causing the poison status ailment to all enemies.
Rebirth Revives the other head from a K.O. and restores 25% of its HP.
Roll Over Unleashes a physical attack on all enemies that deals the same damage as a conventional attack.
Spin Shuffle Has a possibility of changing the positions of the heads.

Stats Edit


Amphisbaena has two heads that can be separately attacked. The right head is weak to physical attacks and absorbs magical attacks, while the left is weak to magical attacks and absorbs physical attacks. Both heads are weak to the element of water. Amphisbaena uses Spin Shuffle every few turns to switch the position of the heads. Its Rebirth ability regenerates a defeated head, and so it would be most effective to defeat both heads within about two turns.

Amphisbaena's Poison Breath can make the party vulnerable to its other attacks. Amphisbaena can be inflicted with Poison, Sleep, Paralyze, and Dread, but is immune to Blind, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Charm, Stop, and Death.

Strategy Edit

The player should equip the party with items that protect against poison. If the player does not have poison protection, they can can stock up on Antidotes.

The player should keep track mentally on which head is weak to physical and magical damage so as not to accidentally heal the boss. If one ever loses track of which head is which, the Freelancer Examine ability can be used to observe each head's stats (by pushing the Analog stick to the left to see the boss status).

If the party has a Wizard, they can use the Hammer ability effectively to deal both physical damage and magical damage, so that character can attack either head. Amphisbaena has relatively poor defense, so the player should be successful in the battle by using hard-hitting physical attacks and magical attacks, especially using Water elemental bonuses.

Musical themes Edit

The song that plays during the battle with Amphisbaena is "Battle of Tribulations" (試練の戦い, Shiren no Tatakai?), which is the main boss theme that plays during most Bravely Second-exclusive boss battles. It was composed, arranged, and produced by ryo, and is featured on Bravely Second: End Layer's original soundtrack.

Etymology Edit

Amphisbaena is a Greek mythological creature. It is a serpent with a head at each end who was spawned from the blood that dripped from Medusa's severed head.

Amphisbaena is also a type of genus of the family Amphisbaenidae, commonly referred to as the "worm lizards." This genus includes over 100 diverse species.

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