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Amphipteres are demonic birds occasionally seen flying high in the sky over the Northlands during the Crystal War.

Fleet in flight but slow on foot, these creatures are now extinct. With valuable hides (which can be made into leather), claws and whiskers, those looking to make some quick gil hunted these monsters to extinction.

Special attacks[]

  • Bloody Beak: Cone attack Drain.
  • Calamitous Wind: AoE Wind damage plus knockback and full dispel. Only used by Zirnitra.
  • Feral Peck: Single target Throat Stab-type damage. Only used by Zirnitra.
  • Reaving Wind: AoE TP reset, and puts up a "shield" which knocks back enemies on contact.
  • Storm Wing: Cone attack damage and Silence.
  • Tail Lash: Backwards Cone attack damage. Used when someone behind it gains Aggro.
  • Warped Wail: AoE damage plus max HP and MP down. Only used by Zirnitra.



An amphiptere (also called Amphithere, Amphitere, or Phipthere) is a type of winged serpent found in European heraldry. Amphipteres generally were said to have greenish-yellow feathers, a serpentine body similar to a lindworm, bat-like green wings with feathered bone, and an arrow-tipped tail much like a wyvern's.