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Amostra is the main setting of Final Fantasy Explorers.


The island of Amostra was created during a vast seismic event. Due to humanity forging their civilization using crystals, they see the island as a vast new source of energy and Explorers. At the center of the island on the Leggi Steppe is the Grand Crystal, said to be the source of life in the world. The island's major crystal resources are defended by summoned monsters, who see the presence of humans on the island as a threat.[1]

Location list[]

1★ Quest Areas[]

  • Libertas
  • Leggi Steppe
  • Leggi Plains
  • Hibat Foothills
  • Tinze Shores

2★ Quest Areas[]

  • Lake Filouz
  • Loithus Cave
  • Loithus Isle
  • Tinze Tunnels
  • Lake Tinze
  • Eija Woods
  • Debbis Heights
  • Fosta Gardebs
  • Fosta Forrest
  • Debbis Trail
  • Dell'antoni Boltway
  • Dell'antoni Bluffs

3★ Quest Areas[]

  • Debbis Cave
  • Arha Marsh
  • Riks Trail
  • Maxon Ravine
  • Mount Chaminil
  • Mount Chaminil Summit
  • Ruisqo Cave
  • Ciej Cavern
  • Maxon Woods
  • Maxon Cataract

4★ Quest Areas[]

  • Jailune Sandsea
  • Mirah Dunes
  • Inside the Cyclone
  • Makvo Current
  • Maxon Woods
  • Maxon Cataract
  • Evanta Lavapath
  • Wreck of the Donnyglen
  • Fosta Forrest
  • Fosta Gardens
  • Travi Current
  • Travi Cove
  • Hibat Caverns
  • Lavison Desert
  • Porjio Woods

5★ Quest Areas[]

  • Mahin Forrest
  • Sacred Tree Woll
  • Mount Hibat
  • Mount Hibat Summit
  • Loithus Cave
  • Loithus Isle
  • Porjio Caverns
  • Grand Crystal
  • World's End


Amostra means "sample" in Portuguese.


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