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Amon is a boss in Final Fantasy XIV. He is the third boss encountered in the Syrcus Tower.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Amon's flair for showmanship extends to his abilities in combat, as he uses flashy magical skills such as Firaga Forte to all alliance members, Blizzaga Forte in an area surrounding him, and Thundaga Forte at a random player. He also inflicts some status effects, such as Pyrotechnics, which causes the afflicted player to suffer chronic explosions that damages any nearby players.

Throughout the battle, a spotlight will shine near the edges when he summons a minion. The Experimental Byproducts are numbered oozes that will slowly move to the center, and if they are not stopped will inflict (depending on their number) either Silence (disables spells), Pacification (disables weaponskills), or Amnesia (disables class/job abilities) on all alliance members. The Kum Kum are undead wizards summoned in pairs to assist him in battle. And lastly the Dimensional Compresser, which remain tethered to a player and will inflict Mini status effect if it touches them; this can be used to shrink the Kum Kum instead with careful maneuvering (though not Amon himself).

Once his health falls to a certain point, he will change to a new phase heralded by saying "Care for a spot of mummery?" in which he will begin turning random players into fire toads. In this state, players can only use a fire breath attack until it wears off, but several snakes known as Kichiknebik will appear and attack any transformed toads with heavy damage. As this goes on, up to three random players will be frozen in ice. Fire Breath can be used to free players from this status. However, other players may use their frozen allies to shield themselves from Amon's most powerful attack, Curtain Call.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Amon, also spelled Amun, is the name of a supreme god from ancient Egypt. There is also a demon of the Goetia named Amon.

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