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My, my, such unruly guests. 'Twould seem a little diversion is in order.


Amon is a boss from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He is the third boss of Syrcus Tower, based on the optional boss Amon from Final Fantasy III, though his color scheme is closer to Hein. In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker this Amon is revealed to be a clone of the original Amon.


Before Final Fantasy XIV[]

During the latter days of the Third Astral Era, the Allagan civilization began to go into decline and stagnated. Amon was a skilled technologist and magician in those days, and tried to revitalize the ancient Allag through an unusual plan: by resurrecting the first Allagan Emperor Xande to lead his civilization into glory days once again. He exhumed the Emperor from his tomb and, using advanced cloning technology that he had developed, revived Xande. Under the reborn Emperor's leadership, the empire returned to prosperity and resumed many of his original ambitions from his first life, eventually conquering Meracydia.

The resurrection had scarred Xande's soul due to his memory of death. This brooding led to the Emperor making a covenant with the Cloud of Darkness to open a Voidgate and reduce the world to nothingness. To accomplish this, he needed extra solar energy collected by Dalamud and its captive elder primal channeled to the Syrcus Tower to open the door to the World of Darkness. This proved to be too much for the tower to contain, and the released excess energy triggered a massive earthquake that destroyed the Allagan Empire and ushered in the Fourth Umbral Era.

Prior to the event, Emet-Selch had approached Amon and revealed that the latter was the reincarnation of an ancient who had held the seat of Fandaniel in the Convocation of Fourteen of Amaurot from before the world was sundered. Emet-Selch had convinced Amon to take his place among the Ascians and talked him into creating a clone of himself to enter Syrcus Tower in his stead. When the tower sank into the earth due to the earthquake, the Amon clone placed himself, Xande, and the tower's inhabitants in suspended animation until the tower was unearthed when Dalamud fell during the Seventh Umbral Era.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

5,000 years later, while the real Amon continued his role as "Fandaniel" among the Ascians, the Amon clone awoke with the rest of the Crystal Tower after it was unearthed. The Warrior of Light and their friends killed him as part of efforts to stop Xande from destroying the world.



Resembling the original Amon in appearance, the clone modified himself into a giant humanoid whose body bears glowing blue lines similar to the Allagan designs seen throughout the Crystal Tower and the Binding Coil.


The Amon clone has many of the personality traits that the original Amon possessed prior to his transition to "Fandaniel", including his whimsical aspects. Throughout the battle, he acts like a showman performing for his guests, and his arena likewise suits it with a red carpet and spotlights to herald the minions he summons. A set of gear exclusively for Bards is based on his attire.

Th original Amon was a nihilist who believed that life only existed to bring suffering. Upon gaining the memories of his life as Hermes, and the countless reincarnations and lives he had lived and suffered before, he decided to bring about the Final Days to destroy the world, for only in death could humanity be free of misery.


Amon is the third boss of the Syrcus Tower Syrcus Tower, and final obstacle before Emperor Xande himself.

His soul is the final boss of The Aitiascope The Aitiascope under the name Amon the Undying.

Musical themes[]

Like the other mid-bosses in Labyrinth of the Ancients and Syrcus Tower, the track "Nemesis" plays during the battle with Amon.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Amon appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Fire- and Lightning-elemental Forward cards.



Amon, also spelled Amun, is the name of a supreme god from ancient Egypt. There is also a demon of the Goetia named Amon.