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Listen up, Farron! Your mission is to dominate this field of battle! I wanna hear that blade sing!

Amodar to Lightning

Amodar or Lieutenant Amodar (アモダ曹長, Amoda Sōchō?, lit. Master Sergeant Amoda) is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIII. He is Lightning's superior whom she trusts and looks up to. He appears in Lightning's flashbacks. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, he is available as a DLC boss.


Amodar is a lieutenant in the Bodhum Security Regiment, and was Lightning's direct superior.
Climbing his way through the ranks with persistence and hard work, he is respected by his subordinates for his fair treatment on and off the field of battle.
NORA's unregulated monster-hunting falls under his jurisdiction, but aside from a few warnings for the sake of formality, he generally turns a blind eye to the group's earnest efforts.

Lieutenant Amodar was a soldier in Cocoon's Guardian Corps. Although he once retired from duty in disgust at the military's handling of civilians during the catastrophe, Amodar re-enlisted to help protect people from the hostile creatures of Pulse.

The lieutenant's unique appearance was used to create a duplicate-a 4D attraction code-named 'Captain Cryptic' that proved incredibly popular with children. The original Amodar is said to also have been fond of quizzes and trivia.



Amodar is a fat, muscular but tall man with an oval face and dark skin. He has short, spiky, brown hair and brown mustache. He wears a white shirt with silver stripes around the neck and on his chest. His Guardian Corps jacket consists of white-and-blue material stapled with belts and on the right arm he has a bracer with two orange fluorescent stripes indicating his lieutenant position within the corps. His pants are of black-and-white material with orange stripes at the sides. Amodar wears metal boots.

Nao Ikeda, who designed most of Final Fantasy XIII character cast, modeled Amodar after another Square Enix worker, Hideo Kubota, the game's character modeling director, due to a scenario writer's suggestion.[citation needed]


Amodar is a humorous person, able to give good advice, as seen when he advises Lightning when she wants to investigate the Pulse Vestige incident. He warns her not to investigate and just to enjoy the firework display and consider her future, especially her sister Serah.

As revealed in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Amodar is fond of quizzes and riddles, hence why his duplicate was chosen to become "Captain Cryptic."


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Final Fantasy XIII[]

Amodar speaks to Lightning in Bodhum.

Amodar was Lightning's superior in Bodhum and a member of the Bodhum Security Regiment. Amodar speaks to her in Bodhum while watching fireworks, warning her to stay out of the business concerning PSICOM's discovery in the Pulse Vestige.

Encouraging Lightning to consider sending in a letter of recommendation, saying that she is "past due for a promotion", he advises her to think of her future and her sister, Serah. On the matter of PSICOM, Amodar appears disdainful of the way they handle their operations, telling Lightning that "nothing but grief" will come of delving into PSICOM business.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Captain Cryptic speaking to Serah.

In Academia 4XX AF, a duplicate of Amodar named Captain Cryptic can be found in random places on the map, and can be revealed using Moogle Search. He asks Serah and Noel questions in the Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz, allowing them to collect a fragment (up to five altogether) once all questions in that encounter have been answered. Once they have all been answered, Captain Cryptic relays a message for Sergeant Farron, "Good Luck," which causes Serah and Noel to wonder if Amodar sent the duplicate, or if Captain Cryptic was an echo of Amodar that got turned into a duplicate.

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Amodar showing up to assist Lightning in battle.

Amodar appears in a downloadable content battle joining Lightning halfway through battle. He can be recruited into the party after the fight.

Amodar majors in the Commando, Sentinel, and Saboteur roles. He wields a large gatling gun and grenades. Amodar's full ATB skill is Iron Bear Claw, charging at an opponent to unleash a series of punches. As part of a Paradigm Pack, Amodar acts as a Commando with Iron Bear Claw as his Feral Link attack. The roles that Amodar majors in—Commando, Sentinel, and Saboteur—are the same as Fang's in Final Fantasy XIII.


Captain Cryptic can be found at random in certaun predetermined spots in the city of Academeia and unveiled with Mog. After being found, the player can partake in his quiz.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy Artniks[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Lieutenant Amodar appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Earth-elemental Backup cards and Fire-elemental Forwards. The Earth cards depict his Ikeda artwork and the Fire card his battle render from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Triple Triad[]

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Amodar appears on a Triple Triad card in Final Fantasy Portal App.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega, Amodar's original design was a handsome young man about the same age as Lightning, and wearing an outfit that looks like an Aloha shirt.[citation needed]

When fought as a boss in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Amodar sometimes uses an attack called the Iron Bear Claw, which resembles the Shun Goku Satsu, or Raging Demon, the signature super combo of Akuma (Gouki) in the Street Fighter fighting game series. Using the Feral Link in battle also uses the same command input as the Shun Goku Satsu. Amodar's Iron Bear Claw also alludes to him being called "Daddy Bear" in Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise- Chapter One. This is also the Japanese name of his duplicate in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Amodar is voiced by Dave Wittenberg in the game's English version and by Yūji Ueda in the Japanese version.

Amodar shares the same English voice actor as Kefka Palazzo in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Yazoo in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.



"Amodar" may be derived from Sundanese language "Modar," which means "Death".


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