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Amiter under Rubrum's control.

Amiter on the world map.

Since antiquity, our town of Amiter has enjoyed life under the aegis of Concordia's myriad wyverns, and it is thanks to them that we are still here today.

Kingdom Citizen

Amiter (アミター, Amitā?) is a Concordian town in the Dragon Sanctuary and the northernmost town of Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0. It can only be accessed with the airship Setzer as the province is surrounded by sea.


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The tonberries of the Dragon Sanctuary have not always been nice to the people of Amiter. Once, injured by a Lesser Lopros, a tonberry lied on the ground on the verge of surviving, as a mysterious man appeared and saved the its life. The tonberry shared his story to all of his kin and the tonberries in and around Amiter have been friendly towards humans ever since. As later transpired, the mysterious man was no lesser than Kurasame Susaya and the tonberry who he saved, accompanies him today, eager to repay his debt.

When the Dominion of Rubrum invades Concordia, Amiter alone refuses to capitulate.

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During The Amiter Resistance, Rubrum deploys Class Zero to stop the forces in Amiter, who disagree with the kingdom's surrender.


Task giver appeased.

Many years ago, a young phoenix not much unlike yourself saved the life of a tiny tonberry. From that point forward, the tonberries have shown great amity and reverence toward humans. We citizens of Amiter likewise feel compassion for the tonberries. One might even say that the tonberries in the Dragon Sanctuary are friends of the town. However, our friends are now in a great peril. I implore you: do as your fellow phoenix did years ago and save the tonberries from danger!


The tonberries still being in conflict with the lesser lopros, Otokusa, a citizen of Amiter, pleas the Class Zero cadets to fight the dragons for the tonberries to be at peace in A Tonberry in Need. The cadets must slay 99 Lesser Lopros to complete the task and earn a Grand Bangle.

Village Tonberries[]

Tonberry in town.

After completing the "A Tonberry in Need" task, tonberries appear around the town when it is foggy and will give the party items if spoken to.

Items available:


Amiter phantomist.

Say, you wouldn't mind bringing me 40 Ivy Phantoma, would you? I promise I'll make it worth your while... I'll even give you something from my secret stash!

Kingdom Citizen

A man at the end of the village will trade 40 Ivy Phantoma for an MP Enhancer.


We denizens of Concordia are one with the Azure Dragon. Our hearts beat in perfect unison.

Kingdom Citizen

The shop in Amiter sells weapons.

Item Price
Mythril Deck 9000 gil
Mythril Flute 9000 gil
Mythril Bow 9000 gil
Mythril Pistol 9000 gil
Mythril Mace 9000 gil
Mythril Scythe 9000 gil
Mythril Whipblade 9000 gil
Mythril Gloves 9000 gil
Mythril Lance 9000 gil
Mythril Blade 9000 gil
Mythril Saber 9000 gil
Mythril Blasters 9000 gil
Mythril Rapiers 9000 gil
Mythril Daggers 9000 gil



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