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Amh Araeng. From this parched earth the nation of Nabaath Areng once rose. When I journeyed here, long ago, I spoke with a sun-weathered elder. He told me Amh Areang meant "majestic land" in the language of his people. And so it might still be... were it nor for the Light's unrelenting onslaught...


Amh Araeng is a desert located on the southern expanse of Norvrant. The land was once ruled by the nation of Nabaath Areng until the Flood of Light consumed most of their land. the location appears in the expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Story Edit

Locations Edit

Amh Araeng can be accessed from the Crystarium's Amaro stables where they will take players to the norheasten region of the map. Amh Araeng is located south of Lakeland and can be accessed by foot later on in the story.

Aetherytes Edit

There are three Aetherytes located within the region, each within the settlements of Mord Suuq, The Inn at Journey's Head, and Twine.

Areas Edit

  • Qasr Sharl
  • The Fields of Amber
  • The Northern Hills of Amber
  • The Central Hills of Amber
  • The Southern Hills of Amber
  • Nabaath Areng

Settlements Edit

Mord Suuq Edit

Meaning "Mord City" this town of trade is run by the mord, it has numerous market stalls, and buildings home to the merchants and residents. It has one watchtower located behind the Aetheryte known as The Rack.

The Inn at Journey's Head Edit

A settlement located in the southern region of The Fields of Amber, it is located in a rock formation where its residents take refuge. The settlement is ran by a bunch of carers who make sure those corrupted by light live out their final days in peace.

Twine Edit

A miner's town located in The Central Hills of Amber.

Garik Edit

A small village located in The Northern Hills of Amber.

Weather Edit

  • Eternal Light

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Musical Themes Edit

The theme that plays during the day is called Sands of Amber, and during the night it plays a rendition of this theme.

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